Music at York College

(orchestral music) – It was the first week that I was here that I was sitting in my first ensemble and I’m still in that
and I found my groove, I found what I like to do. I was playing next to upperclassmen the first week of school. (orchestral music) (student singing opera) – So what really drew me to opera was basically being
dramatic with your voice. Coming here it’s just propelled me into the thing that I want to be, just three years here and I feel like I’m on top of the world. (student singing opera) – Think about putting just a
little bit of vibrato on them. I enjoy the one-on-one contact
with students the most. From independent lessons,
which is a real treat where you just have an individual that you can devote
your whole attention to, and that’s probably my favorite
part of the whole process. – Before I came to York I was like, oh you just sing a note
and it sounds pretty, but here it’s like precise,
you know what’s going on, you’re involved in the
process of making music. – The music program
completely just engulfs you. They throw out pages and pages
of things that you can do and it’s hard to pick a couple because there’s so many
that you sit there and go oh that looks really cool, oh
I would really want to do that and you think in the back of your head I know I have four years
but I wanna do that now. ♫ Double, double, toil and trouble ♫ – To a Freshman who’s coming in, I would encourage them to take advantage of any opportunity that
they can get their hands on and so from day one, we
try to get them involved. – York is a good place to come because you can get Juilliard
level performance skills at a relatively low cost and make best friends at the same time. That is a wonderful
reason to come to York. – To be able to come here and say I wanna be working in a recording
studio after four years, from day one, you can be
working in a recording studio so when you leave here
it’s just second nature. (student signing opera)

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