Monster (From “Frozen: The Broadway Musical”)


I love this song, I'm hopefully going to perform it for my HSC. It's got sooo many emotions. I love how the musical actually brings out more emotions then it does in the movie. Making Elsa telling her own story through this song is so powerful and brave. Singing about her feelings. "I will not be a monster" Tempting herself not to break anyone or worse kill. Shes trying her hardest to not kill Auradon especially her sister Anna. This is truly one of my favourite musical songs,

Just saw this on Broadway yesterday, and Caissie blew it out of the water! She was absolutely incredible, especially in this and Dangerous to Dream!

This should have been in the movie right before the powerful "Summit Siege" action scene. Massively fleshes out the character.

In the animated Frozen when Idina Menzel sings let it go I feel like it wasn’t that great with emotion but the way Casey Levy sings Monster it gives off so much emotion

It's a logical turn that she becomes suicidal at this point considering how she feels about herself growing up being different, thinking she is bad, a monster. I just learned this song recently and those parts of the lyrics were tough ones when I really thought about what I was singing.

My goodness!!! THE FEELS!!! THE FUCKIN FEELS!!!!!!!
I have depression and I know how Elsa feels and thinks.
It's easy to think about killing youself. When you live there.

Is it just me, or does this song represent Bruce Banner's struggles with his identity as the Hulk really well? He hates the Hulk at first, can barely control him and wishes he didn't exist. He contemplates suicide and runs away. Throughout his character arc, he learns to accept the Hulk as part of himself.

All I'm saying is there are a lot of parallels between Elsa and Bruce.

This song was so freaking good my gosh and the guy singing in the background was so perfect I think im in love with Frozen now

…okay, I’ll be honest, I heard this song and my mind immediately jumped to how perfect it fits Shouto Todoroki’s story

I swear this song is always stuck in my head and I almost always quote it. Especially when I feel anxiety or stress

I always felt like an outcast in high school and that’s another reason I relate to Elsa even if Frozen wasn’t around when I was in high school

Since I made my brother be Nala for Halloween when I was Simba I’ve semi joked that we could’ve been Elsa and Anna for Halloween

I've watched the musical on Youtube and I swear this song is not in it. Tell me they have a different version of the musical?

Hearing this live was just- gave me goosebumps. Glad I got to see Caissie’s Elsa in real life (and in this lifetime 😆) She’s amazing!

Finally, Elsa have personality! Like, In Frozen movie, she was just… Let it go song and beautiful dress, but with no real personality like Anna do have…

I know the song is like REALLY good but let's talk about that guy with soothing accent and amazing jaw line who said "no harms come to her."

The irony in this is in the Broadway show, during Monster, Elsa actually wears pants, but in here Caissie wears a skirt.

Can we just notice how shes contemplating suicide while thinking of her father, then decides she needs to keep living after thinking of her mom.

All y'all are pointing out the fact that Elsa is at least somewhat suicidal in this song, but what REALLY gets me is the reason she stays alive. It's not because she thinks she deserves to live. It's because she thinks her death will be even more monstrous and hurt people even more.

And perhaps bigger — that's temporary. Deeply temporary. Right now, she has to stop the storm — she's the only one who can. But afterwards, it's still the case that "everyone [is] in danger as long as [she's] alive." Sometimes a phrase like "There's only one thing that's left for me to do" means there's only one choice in the moment. But here — she means it more than that. There's only one thing left to do. Ever. And then she'll "fade to white". This song isn't overcoming suicidality. It's just postponing it.

From a mental health standpoint, finding a reason outside yourself to stay alive still accomplishes the goal. And putting off suicide is pretty close to preventing it, as suicidality often peaks and ebbs. But she's still in danger. She's not out of the woods. She's survived tonight. But she's still dying inside. She's still not okay.

Elsa is me when I sit out family events such as weddings and Christmas parties. I feel like the black sheep of the family because of my Autism/Asperger Syndrome

I joke my brother is the Anna to my Elsa or Al Elric to my Ed Elric From FullMetal Alchemist

Only me who thinks about Katsa from Graceling when I hear this song? Especially the "Fear will be your enemy and death its consequense" part.
Btw if you havent read Graceling, I highly recomend it, one of the best YA fantasy books I have ever read.

I struggle with anxiety and I need medication for panic attacks and for some reason I can relate to Elsa because of that.

For some reason the way Elsa asks herself if she’s a monster in this song reminds me of all the times I’ve asked myself if I’m truly a sociopath.

To me Elsa is a role model to anyone who never dates or gets married. She helps a whole new generation realize that not everyone gets married and it’s okay to be single and in a way you don’t need to go to your Homecoming dance or your junior/senior prom. I sat out all my Homecoming dances and both my junior and senior proms and I’ve reached the point in my life where I plan to sit out all of my high school reunions.

What if Elsa was the first female president in 2024? She’s a better choice for the first female president than Crooked Hillary.

When I met Elsa, the first thing I said to her was “Your Majesty” which she told me wasn’t necessary. Even though I got a tan in Florida when I was there back in March it was snowing when we came home to Virginia although it wasn’t deep snow per se. pretty sure Elsa gave us snow as our gift when we came home from Disney World.

I only sit out funerals because of how difficult they are for me to commit to but I’m not sure if that makes me similar to Elsa. But I am like Elsa when I sit out weddings and Christmas parties.

I want this played at my wedding if I ever get married and definitely want it to play at my funeral.

When only a few people were in front of me to meet Elsa and Anna I felt like the main characters on Wayne’s World when they met Alice Cooper because I was thinking “I’m/we’re not worthy”

I can see Travis from Taxi Driver Singing this. Or even Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker. At least From what I’ve been hearing about his version of the Joker.

I can see Travis from Taxi Driver Singing this. Or even Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker. At least From what I’ve been hearing about his version of the Joker.

I’m a 28 year old male and I’ve never dated anyone or gotten married nor have I moved out of my parents house and as I’ve mentioned before I always felt like an outcast in high school because not only was in special Ed but also because of my autism. Plus I tend to sit out Family events such as weddings and Christmas parties. For all those reasons I can relate to Elsa. I especially think she’s a role model for anyone who’s been single their whole life.

I hope that Frozen reappears in future Kingdom Hearts titles and Sora, Donald and Goofy actually interact with Elsa more and both Elsa and Anna fight alongside them.

Elsa was me in high school especially towards the end of my senior year when i isolated myself and cut myself off from “cool” kids such as The football players, lacrosse players, cheerleaders and the “preps”/popular girls. This was also 4-5 years before Frozen came out. I graduated in 2009.

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