Michael Scott’s Emotional Farewell Song: “9,986,000 minutes” – The Office

-I think we all actually
want to thank you, Michael. -Oh, thank you.
-I mean, we actually really all want to thank you
for everything. ♪♪ -Oh, my God.
Something’s happening. -♪ 9,986,000 minutes ♪ ♪ We actually sat down
and did the math ♪ -♪ 9,986,000 minutes ♪ ♪ That’s how many minutes
that you’ve worked here ♪ -♪ In costumes ♪
-♪ And impressions ♪ -♪ In meetings ♪
-♪ In cups of coffee ♪ -♪ For birthdays ♪
-♪ More meetings and ♪ -♪ E-mail forwards
you made us read ♪ -♪ 9,986,000 minutes ♪ ♪ That’s like watching
“Die Hard” 80,000 times ♪ -♪ You hit me with your car ♪ -♪ You helped me get off drugs ♪ -♪ I watch you when you sleep ♪ -♪ I forgive you
for kissing me ♪ -♪ Remember to call ♪
-♪ Call ♪ ♪ You got to remember to call ♪ -♪ Remember to call ♪ -♪ Love is a gift
from up above ♪ -♪ Remember to call ♪ -♪ Text or call or e-mail
or call ♪ -♪ Measure ♪ ♪ Measure your life in love ♪ -♪ Remember to call ♪ -♪ Yeah, yeah,
yeah, yeah, yeah ♪ -♪ Remember to call ♪ -♪ Yeah, yeah,
you got to remember to call ♪ -♪ Remember to call ♪
-♪ [ Vocalizing ] ♪ -Yeah, okay. Well, this is gonna hurt
like a mother[bleep].


The fact that people still hate on this show or say it's not funny with scenes like this will always have me mad at the world.

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I dont have a whole week available to see the office so can someone please tell me why he leaves I always wanted to know

I dont think Will Farrell knew how much of an impact Steve had on the show, his cast members, the viewers etc.
This scene was nearly ruined w/ DeAngelo jumping in and felt like it was a big joke to him.

Michael Scott & Dwight hands down made The Office. When Michael left, so did the spark.

Every single comment on here is just "Steve didn't even know they were going to sing this 😭😭😭😭" like we all know and no one cares. Just shut up.

Every season kind of sucked after Michael left. I'll admit I almost lost it when he came back in the last episode.

i didn't come into this expecting to cry but i did and now im sitting at school in a corner in the hallway crying while staring at my computer

That's a crazy amount of time Michael worked. 9,986,000 minutes is equal to roughly 19 years which isn't including time off work. I watched this episode first when I wasn't even 19 and Michael had worked longer than I was alive.

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