Mean Tweets – Hip Hop Edition

I don’t think anyone deserves
to be kicked in the ballsack in any circumstances. I think that you should
take these violent thoughts and place your energy somewhere
a little more productive. Well, everybody’s entitled
to their own opinion, so I’m not mad at that [BLEEP]. Yep. Yes, I still have my braids. They’re never going anywhere,
and they’re not going to grow. That’s fine. Remy Ma also physically
fights people that talk [BLEEP] on Twitter, like for real. [BLEEP], come on. I mean– Give it a try. I’m from– what? Bitch, I know. Yo, that’s messed up. Lil Yachty’s hair
looks like licorice, and his teeth looks like
[BLEEP] M&Ms. He looks like a complete [BLEEP] moron. I just farted and it smells
like Wale’s entire discography. You must be eating curry goat. [BLEEP] music or not, I’m
doing way better than you. Suck my [BLEEP], it’s [BLEEP]. Damn it. Hi, I’m Jimmy Kimmel. I hope you enjoyed that video. Hit subscribe and
all your dreams will come true,
assuming your dreams are to watch more YouTube videos.


Look how the black people takes the comments very agressively the difference between you can tell from the white…the blacks are way more aggressive, takes it personally instead to be calm and naturally fun👎

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