Meadows: The left is trying to throw every accusation at Trump


FACT Trump is the President and that does make it his duty to investagate when people in his government are or have bribed a Country;s leader especially when using Our money to use in doing that wrong very bad action. Biden already told his whole full story bragging about himself being Mr. Bozo Tough Guy. If Pelosi and Nadler dare to impeach Our President I do believe they will end up in a world of such messes all aimed at all of them it could be the start of a real civil war. Cause those Two plus everyone of them framing Trump all need to go to PRISON if they do not, then good cause then the demanding for each and every single one of them will and no maybe just throw all of them Out of America so then theycan go live in any one of those Socialist, Leftest Countries all are and finally We can get back to the peace and the loyality Americans have always shared until Johnson, Clintons and that real real evil sick sick awful deranged stealing, laws so many broken and they still have not figured out the number for the bodies yet. Do you realize how all of them have been stealing Our money Keep on giving Billions to them for their sick pathetic joke of Climate Change. The Earth is always chamging and to think that we who are more tiny then the Ants are to us, that what ever We may put out in the air is such a whisper kind of joke. But, those Dems and some on the other side all of them having way to many many Millions for their Government job. Impeach every one of them lets spread all their taxes from their First day til now and lets watch again how they disappear these are truly America's and all of Our enemies real real bad people who must pay in full for all the hate and unrest they only ever give out to keep the everyone upset and they are the Ones who push every single gang in America. Enough is so far passed enough lets take care of America and all of US. If you hate America. if you are always wanting to change all that America was made so people who loved America could know they lived their lives every day in total Freedom and Liberty. America and Americans real true Americans are not racist people. That is getting beyond pathetic the Dems. were the Klu Klux Klan you had to join the Klan if you wanted to be a Dem. in government. Candice is busting her every day trying to get every Black person to wake up and stop buying all the same awful empty lies. Now you all got hard real proof look at each City the Dems. have been running for Decades. Good Luck Candice and May God Bless You.

It is good that the White House Occupant destroyed the Republican Party and exposed them to be the SPINELESS COWARDS lacking Moral Compass they are!

No one I know Dems, Repub, Indep will vote for Biden. They can't defeat Trump so they've resorted to DEFINITION OF CHARACTER.

All politics only… Where are programs that suppose to help citizens. Same in all countries and hats off to media for forgetting people's problems and bringing us politics everyminute .. 🙏

Says the turd that spread the birther conspiracy. Sorry mark meadows you’re a fraud and joke. Keep defending this clown and hopefully your constituents realize what a liar you are too.

It is remarkable and scary how Fox news will make any humanly possible excuse and point finger at others to protect pabotus. I don't get how anyone can call themselves conservative by kiss the butt of a corrupt, rapist who has never had an honest working day in his live. Smh

Evil vs Good.. Dark vs Light… Looks like these Democrat Satanists and One World Order Globallists have realised that President Trump is really distroying their satanic one world government agenda and they are fighting tooth and nail to remove him at every turn. GOD IS WITH YOU POTUS, STAY STRONG.

The big issue is not Biden,Biden is just and old man who will not get the nomination for the democratic party the main issue is what Trump say to the Ukraine president,Trump told the Ukraine president to investigate Biden so if is true Trump would be impeached and if is fake the Democrats would lose next year

" Trump needs to be investigated". You mean like the three-year 35 million-dollar investigation that just wrapped up where they found nothing? Interesting

All the Democrats are doing is sealing their fate for the election next year. Thanks stupid liberals, this Trump fan is much obliged to your own impatience, arrogance, and stupidity. GO TRUMP!!! 2020🇺🇸

Don't tell me…..Trump is guilty of WW-1 war crimes….!…Is there anything else???
Biden puts his britches on one sleeve at a time….whew.

The liberal elitists are looking more and more like a Crimeocracy , cleverly masquerading as fledgling Socialists…….pahleeze!!

Yeah can you believe that someone connected with so many criminals isn’t guilty. Nice try. Sad to see someone using their kids to cover up corruption. Sad!

If Trump is so great why such low approval ratings. Also if he is so perfect why does he keep going to foreign leaders to get elected. How can you say Biden should get in trouble for holding money to get them to do what he wants but Trump does the exact same thing and what he did is fine? Why kind of hypocritical thing is that. You guys are a joke.

The Mother of GOD will prevail! Pray the ROSARY everyday, and you will wake up from your delusion. Google – 2 Thesalonians 2. GOD bless all who love the TRUTH! Note to judge Jeanine – Judge NOT, lest ye be judged, for what evil you put out, will come back to YOU!…Wisdom

I know she didn't say Joe Bidens son had no experience, all those "acting" people in trumps admin and his kids in roles they have no business being in. Your kidding right?

This entire thing is absolutely ridiculous! America SHOULD be able to do exactly what either did. OF COURSE if we give money we expect certain outcomes and for any of these idiots to pretend thats not exactly what they all have done is absolutely ludicrous. All of you fucks really think we are stupid. Haven't learned anything at all have you?

For years and years, we've constantly heard about corruption of the Democrats in the government. But nothing has been done about, and I doubt that nothing ever will be done about it. All the Republicans and conservative commentators ever do is talk about it. It's not satisfying anymore to just hear talk. Doesn't anyone have any authority to enforce law and ethics? "Nothing changes in Washington," well said, Janine

Not only does President Trump have a right to ask Ukraine to look into the matter of biden withholding cash to get his sons investigator fired, he is obligated to do so, duty bound by his oath of office. Anything less would be corruption.

Time to bring the pain so much corruption no wonder they keep trying to take away our guns maybe cause they are scared of their crimes against humanity being exposed

why is it that CBS don't let, we the citizens, response to there comments on u-tube when it comes to a report about our president DONALD J TRUMP. we have no way to respond with a comment on there video platform. 🤔 why?.

Let me get this straight! Uncle Joe's Biden story is thrown at Trump 🤔What exactly he said on the video in Ukraine, that's exactly what they are claiming Trump did with Ukrainian President. WOOW YOU PEOPLE NEED TO GET THIS CREEP JOE ASAP. THEY HAVEN'T HAD ENOUGH TRASHING TRUMP WITH RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA, NOW UKRAINE? WHO IN JESUS CHRIST NAME THIS CROOKS THINK THAY ARE ?

A lot of you scumbags have been in office more then half my life (45) and have done nothing but sell our country out to the highest bidder. Not one president until trump has kept his word and you expect people to trust and believe you? Your all delusional narcissist. Hes done more for this country in less then 3 years all while you resist him and the American people then most of you scumbags collectively have done your whole careers.

Asking a foreign leader for damning information of a political rival is OK. The Constitution is WRONG. I can do whatever I want.

Nobody seems to remember he was the token V.P who was to be seen and not heard…….no wonder not only did Barry not endorse he won't even show his face lol

in all fairness, dems are only throwing accusations at trump for the crimes they know about. Trump could have many more accusations placed on him, but we don't know about those crimes… yet.

Thanks Judge,it's wonderful to hear truth from such beauty, you must be scary to those on the left,I can only pray and hope so,I honestly think you are dead on target and if you and Woopi had a beauty contest she'd be the one on the massive chain locked to the other side of the stage. Thanks again Mam.

Keep back peddaling… your st st stutters really prove your cover up. Lmfao republicans scrambling to save face… when the WHOLE COUNTRY KNOWS TRUMP IS USING THE PRESIDENCY TO ENRICH HIMSELF. HAHAHABA

"26Whose hatred is covered by deceit, his wickedness shall be shewed before the whole congregation.
27Whoso diggeth a pit shall fall therein: and he that rolleth a stone, it will return upon him."

Trump is probably the whistle blower. How else was he gonna get the media to look into Biden's dealings with Ukraine?.
Well played Mr. President…well played.

Its embarassing to them on what they are doing to thier president. A disgrace , disrespectful , shameful and absolutely manerless and disgraceful. They are just snakes and honestly trump needs to fire the reporters at cnn, msnbc and abc and replace them with any human with a brain and throw all these extreme left wing vultures into jail for false information. He has plenty of right to do that. And also fire nancy for falsely accusing him of being guilty of the accusations presented to her without reading the transcript. Trump is a 70 year old strong good hearted human. He is still human and trying to do his job. They are making him ill and hoenstly will have blood on thier hands if his health fails. And im sure they dont feel a thing heartless evil villians

Biden said, I thought, they'd gotten commitments to fire corrupt prosecutor. He said he held the money until the commitment was fulfilled. That's different

It's still against our laws if he did or didn't talk to his son Hunter. He new the company his son worked with & it was under investagation .

I wish FOX would have one day a week where they do updates of past stories. Sunday would be ideal. Like why is Al Franken really kicked out of politics? Where is Tony Podesta? Aside from owning an energy company in America with John Podesta, and a big chunk of our uranium thanks to hillary and obama, what else does Putin own in America? How much of America does china own? what is being done to reclaim America for Americans?

Biggest prblm is the balls of the liberal left. They do this right out in the open, & know nothing is going to happen to the for breaking the law. All the proof is there, yet not one of them hv been held accountable for the crimes they committed..

It looks like Joe Biden was colluding with the Ukraine with our tax payers money…Biden needs to be investigated for corruption!

Trump is protecting us from another corrupt politician who is bought and paid for and is a foreign agent. Thank you Mr. President. The Democrat party has become a clear and present danger to the solvency of the United States of America. They have an agenda other than the serving the American people. All are guilty of knowingly participating in a coup attempt to overthrow the government of the United States of America. They shouldn't be allowed to make any decisions or calling a committee. They are traitors. Who have loyalties to foreign interests. Not any of us.

Ukrainians should bring back that poor prosecutor and let him finish that case,,, Hunter can spend the rest of his life in a Ukrian prison

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