Match the Singing Voice to the Person | Lineup | Cut

– Can you sing some metal? You just (screams) (screams) – I’m seeing a white person. (laughing) I don’t know why. (classical music) – [Man] Hi, will you tell us your name? – My name is Duranged Pitt. – My name is Yana. – My name is Jane. – [Man] What do you do for a living, Jane? – I teach guitar, bass, and vocals. ♪ Useless skin withers in the sand ♪ – [Man] Would you consider
yourself a singer? – No, I can’t sing for shit. – [Man] Sing something for me. – No (laughing) I can’t sing. You don’t want to me
to sing, I promise you. – [Man] Today, we’re gonna have you match singing voice to person. – Oh (laughing) – Everybody’s gonna group up over here and then one by one they’ll come here and sing–
– Are they all gonna be here? Oh, okay.
– They’re all here at the same time, yeah. You ready? – [Man] Can we have our
first person step forward? – Here, lemme hear something. Lemme hear something sweet
and sultry real quick. – Sing to me. ♪ L is for the way you look at me ♪ ♪ O is for the only one I see ♪ – Holy cow. This is gonna way more
emotional I’m gonna experience than I thought it was gonna be. – Special than a motherfucker, shit. I ain’t never had a woman
sing to me like that, shit. ♪ At last my love has come along ♪ – [Man] How old is this person? – Probably like 20s. – Like if I had to put money
on it, I’d guess you’re female. – Yeah, I picture like a woman of color. You know, African American in there. – [Man] Why do you say African American? – ‘Cause that’s just the tone that I felt and the style of the music. – The song choice. Yeah, that’s a piece that
I noticed from teaching that a lot of mixed kids
would pick that song to sing. – I kinda wanna hear
her do “Old Town Road”. It’s got maybe like a bit of a… Right? ♪ I’m gonna ride my horse ♪ ♪ Take my horse to the old town road ♪ ♪ I’m gonna ride till I can’t no more ♪ – I would listen to that, like, cover. I’mma hit you up once
I find out who you are. – Somebody who likes to smoke weed. (laughing) People that smoke will
get this kind of rasp, that head voice will disappear
which is the high-end. If you can get into this
voice, can you do this? – If you can get into this voice. – Just say it, oh no! – Oh no! – Ooh no! – Oh no! – They definitely smoke weed. (laughing) ♪ Close your eyes and surrender
to your darkest dreams ♪ ♪ Purge your thoughts of
the life you knew before ♪ – That was “Phantom of the
Opera” if y’all don’t know. (chuckling) ♪ You, you got what I need ♪ ♪ You say I’m just a friend ♪ ♪ Ooh baby, you ♪ – This is probably a dude. Slick-back hair, maybe
some cargo shorts on. Like Italian maybe? – I don’t know why, I’m
getting, like, Asian. – Can you sing some metal? You just (screams) (screaming) I’m seeing a white person. (laughing) I don’t know why. I think it’s the style of music (chuckles) – [Man] Thank you. And we’ll bring out the next. ♪ If we were meant to be,
we would have been by now ♪ ♪ See what you wanna see, but
all I see is him right now ♪ – Damn, your voice is dope too, shit. – Can you fill a little in your
noise, make it a little more (whines) Roger Moore ♪ Roger Moore ♪ (whining) Yeah (laughing) – It’s a girl, I’m going
with initial instinct. It’s a girl. – I think it’s a male. You know, maybe like some
Caucasian with some freckles sprinkled on him, something like that. – This person has such a
range that it reminds me of, like, artists that typically, at least in my memory of an African American. – Some singing experience,
it sounds pretty good. Can you sing some opera? (vocalizing) So no training in that department. ♪ Who do you think you’re kidding ♪ ♪ He’s the earth and heaven to ya ♪ ♪ Try to keep it hidden ♪ ♪ Honey, we can see right through ya ♪ (laughing) – You’re really nervous, aren’t you? ♪ A bit ♪ (laughing) – In here, the back of the
voice begins to waver like that. It’s usually people go,
oh my god, I’m terrified! – Give me some flavor. Like (beatboxing) (beatboxes) Oh god, this person
does not beatbox, okay. – Not a lot of training. – [Man] Any training? – Maybe in school, maybe
they did choir or something. But no formal training. ♪ (foreign language) ♪ – [Man] What language was that? – Fuck if I know, bro. ♪ (foreign language) ♪ – Definitely trained. Okay ’cause you’re singing
in a different language. Probably has a degree. – She sounds phenomenal. I’m gonna go with the fact
that she’s Russian, I mean. Why else would you know
how to sing in Russian? – But can you sing some country music? ♪ The thing about tractors, sexy ♪ ♪ It really turns me on ♪ (laughing) – Her fingernails are done. Maybe a dress, I don’t know. I’m seeing another white person. – [Man] Okay. Thank you, you can step back in line. – And I’m gonna be so wrong (laughing) – [Man] Take your blindfold
off, it’s gonna be bright. Turn and look. (laughing) They don’t look anything like… Anything I’ve described. – Oh shit. I was hella wrong about
some shit, wasn’t I? Damn. So what were you singing? ♪ Got what I need ♪ – [Duranged] Oh okay, yeah, yeah. – You’re the tenor but you’re not white. (laughing) I’m white, so wrong. Oh my god. – Did I, I got you wrong, right? – I’m a guy. My name is Brandon. And, um… I am native,
not African American. (chuckles) So… – That one was like a…
– I made like ding, ding, ding So, I mean. – Were you the one that sang “At Last”? – No.
– No! Was you? No? Was it you? Wow(chuckles) Do you smoke a lot of weed? – I have always sounded this
way since I was like a kid. – [Jane] Really? – So do you get mistaken for
like a black woman a lot? – Most of the time, I’m a bartender and people are like are you sick? Nope. (chuckles) – [Duranged] Oh, it’s
’cause your voice, yeah. – Just sound this way. – [Man] And then we had the
nervous, younger, early 20s. – Oh, was this you? – Yeah.
(laughing) – [Jane] What did I get get
right, what did I get wrong? – I’ve been in, like, one show in theater and then I did choir for like half a year. – Are you trained? – I went to school, AMDA,
but only for like two months. (chuckles) – Oh, so you don’t have a degree. – Nope. – Yeah, the foreign language was the one that I was like okay! – Hey, all of y’all are,
like, filthy as hell. I don’t even know which
one of y’all was lich but that shit was fire, for real. – [Man] How was that? – I’m speechless. We don’t normally go around, you know, sharing what those preconceptions are, the things that we see. – I said there was an
Asian man, a black female, and a Japanese girl, and there’s literally not any of those people here (laughing) – [Man] Thank you, good job. (applauding) ♪ Country road, take me home ♪ ♪ To the place I belong ♪ ♪ West Virginia, mountain mama ♪ ♪ Take me home ♪ – See what I did hear?


I just noticed the girl with that weird hairstyle is like a cool-girl-wannabe in roblox that mixes girl and boy's hair.

“So dO YoU gEt MiStaKEn fOR a bLAcK wOmAN aLoT?”

me: walks up to a white female.

also me: “REBECC- oh my bad.. I thought you were someone I know. You look just like her she’s really pretty and black with curly hair just like you!”

The man who was singing metal in the beginning is a Jehovah witness. He was in guess my religion and he was the Jehovah witness

I don't know but when jane was about to say her profession I immediatly said outloud a HoLiStIc VoCaL cOuCH. LOOL

I know everybody is talking about the vocal coach but can we appreciate the beautiful voices we've heard, specially Brandon, I thought he was a girl because he was singing so naturally high :0

I fucking haaaate voices like the first girls 😩 vocal fry while you sing is so gross. QUIT. She has lovely tone but ugh 😖 sounds like “I’ve got bananees and avocadees”

They need to do this, and secretly bring in a celebrity like Ariana, or a YouTuber like Jon Cozart (everyone check him out btw, he bomb)

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