Lyrics of Sada Introduction

I was in Greece volunteering with the
refugees. Taught some English I went to the embassy. I translated some
documentation for the refugees. I noticed a child he was kind of upset. I looked at
him. I said what happened? He pointed at his father. I asked the father, said oh
what’s going on? He said oh he cut my fishing pole to make a guitar. I can’t
afford to buy him a guitar. I thought why not do something with music? There are a lot of
talented refugee musicians. So when I came back to San Francisco. Spoke with a
friend Colin a member of Pangea world music band based in San Francisco.
Said Colin lets do something with the refugee musician…. you find somebody to play darbuka, doumbek or whatever any instruments. Why not collaborate with musicians in the camps and find ways to
proliferate their ideas musically so that we can spread what the what the
what the message is and we can awaken people and continue to
awaken people. Sada means in : Arabic the of our consciousness, actions
and dreams. Lyrics of Sada is an invitation to cultural exchange through
music your support will help us fly the band
to Athens to record an album and document this musical journey. The
refugees in Greece have lost everything they were forced to leave their country
and they are living in tents. Many of them the only thing they have is MUSIC.
so now we need your help! Zoinia and Pangea have already
started working with these amazingly talented musicians and amazing
individuals to commit their message and their art to record if you want to be a
part of this incredible experience don’t miss your opportunity to support lyrics
of sada to affect change and You won’t regret it

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