Luke Combs, Brooks & Dunn – 1, 2 Many


I'm getting hooked on Luke…. Kind of a bad ass country voice!! Can't wait for him to come back to Red Rocks, or can you say Road Trip????

Luke is a badass. Every time I get on YouTube he is all I listen to. This song especially with Brooks and Dunn is a hit big time.

STUDiO sign seems 2 say more than meets the eye @ first glance. S4TO from Slaughter "Eye 2 Eye" song singing "..people judge the way I look but I don't do that 2 them oh no.."

This is the kind of music I like and would like to dance to and grew up listening to and I hope that there is more to come

If y’all like Luke’s “1, 2 Many” check out my new single “Come Getcha Some” 🤘🏼

This must be too good to be true………….A collaboration with LUKE COMBS AND BROOKS AND DUNN!!!!!!!!! Look out pop country, REAL country's coming back!

In the beginning of the song you can see that smaller hands are writing this tune. I don’t think Luke combs writes all his songs…. disappointed

Seeing Brooks & Dunn on this one was like a breath of fresh air. 90's country at it's finest.
Such a great song as it is, but I can't be the only one who wants to hear Brooks & Dunn sing this on their own…

Appreciate this song.
Great Melody, fun lyrics, and the combo with B&D is fantastic.
Emotional, saw them in concert.
You hit this one directly!
Kudos to the band making it all work.

Great music but $150 bucks for a ticket? Come on Luke. Rodeo Houston last year Ronnie and Kix had nose bleed seats for $40. But again for you, it was $150. Can't pay that. It's frustrating!

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