“Lost Voice Remedy’ How to sing | SLEEP For Your Voice | #RonAnderson

[Music] through many tours many many rock tours and out for months of times and people party and they have such a great time or they’re so wired they can’t sleep after the show for hours and hours later the biggest problem especially on a tour is not getting enough rest and the only thing that truly rejuvenates the voice is sleeping now we can get them through concerts and we can do a lot of real good things to help get everything in the right place but to really maintain your voice top-notch [Music]


Hi Ron … It's nice to meet you and hear from you .. !!
I am taking up my singing lessons and evaluating the coachs … I have already tried 2. For some reason I do not finish putting their techniques into practice.
I am from Argentina … it is very important for me and if you could have your videos subtitled … it would be a great help .. !!
could you expand the info on the breath while we sing .. !!
I thank you and send you a hug

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