Lin-Manuel Miranda’s all singing arrival into His Dark Materials | His Dark Materials – BBC

♫ Trade my home for the road again ♫ Singin’ my songs with an old best friend ♫ Runnin’ around with a child’s mind Woo! ♫ Man it get’s lucky just a couple of time Sing it, Hester. ♫ Oooh~ You’re excited. Damn right, I am. Finally got a lead on Iorek. He might not be the same bear, the Iorek I knew. Some crazy seal hunter got him drunk, tricked him out of his armour. An armoured bear is nothing without his armour. Hester! I’m right here. What do you see? Looks like we’re not the only ones heading to Trollesund.


kinda feel bad for the graphics team that put this together only to have the last 20 seconds littered with youtube hyperlink cards.

First, he's Caribbean. Then, he's British. Now, he's Country….
What's next? Egyptian? If Mr. Robot can pass for Ahkmenrah, then who knows?

…maybe on Broadway this guy is fantastic? people seem to love and praise him…but in this series…he's just awful, such bad acting, I cringe every time he has a scene. It's almost bad enough to get me to stop watching this show but Dafne Keen is so good I'll continue.

Even if Lee wasn’t played by Lin he would still be best character but Lin still makes it 10 x better than it would’ve been

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