Lin-Manuel Miranda & Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson Sing “You’re Welcome” (From “Moana”)!


Soooooo… you tellin me The Rock, Dwayne Johnson himself got a youtube channel… and I just now found out –_

My 2-year-old loves this movie. We watch it almost everyday. I've now seen it over 200 times. She still can't get enough and neither can I.

Dwyane Johnson and his child molestation skit shows what a Wanket this tool is and for those who defend his perverted humour sham on you all.

Why did so many people expect it to be “Miranda Sings”? And why do so few people know who Lin-Manuel Miranda is?!

i am so proud of lin manuel. i am a huge fan that i know all the songs he wrote and musicals he did. i watched jumaji and i thought you are familiar. i realize you are from the millennials and moana. now i am a fan too. thanks much!

Friend: What are you watching?
Me: I'm watching a founding father and a wrestler sing a song about a Portuguese demigod.
Friend: …
Friend: I'll be over here.

What’s funny is the first time I saw Moana and heard your welcome I KNEW IT WAS LIN’S SONG but I never actually had confirmed evidence he wrote it until the credits at the end.

Imagine this:

The Rock: Kid, honestly I could go on and on I can explain eve—

Me: imaginary wolf ears perk LINNNN!?!!!?!???!?!!!!!!

My papaw is in a movie with you right now his name is Howe Pedro the one who always throws a Shaka to you across set

Hi. My names Ella and I’m one of your biggest (fans the rock) I love every single film that your in my favourite is baywatch and jumanji! One day it would be my dream to see you! All my luck on your other films

Love from Ella

Talented you surely are. I only watched the movie "Moana" this year as I was absent from home for 2-1/2 due to a "terrible accident". I enjoyed the movie immensly. I am sorry that I did not have a chance to find out more about the movie. I have one question though: * Did you sing "Away, Away" the translation while the voyagers were on the sea? It sure sounded like you. Loved the movie!

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