Lil Skies “Red Roses” Feat. Landon Cube Official Lyrics & Meaning | Verified

I just told myself I’m not about to hear
anything anybody says. I’m just gonna do this shit, and do it my
way, and literally like not care. I didn’t listen to nobody bruh. I just did whatever the fuck I wanted. And I mean it worked out so, hey I must’ve
did something right. This song “Red Roses,” me and Landon spent
weeks on this shit. Even after we recorded a couple times. Going back making changes, adding sounds,
getting it mastered a couple times, shit was a process but we knew at the end of the day
what the final project would be. Lil Skies do not do drugs. I only smoke weed. To be honest I’m scared, and I don’t want
to fall victim to what everybody else is doing. Everybody’s dying and shit you feel me, and
that shit’s not cool. Sometimes I would get like random snaps of
just girls naked and I’m just like, I don’t know bruh. I’m not big into nudies and shit. It’s cool and shit, but I’m like a real-life
type of person. I’d rather just be with a girl, you feel me? My dad used to make music and shit, and eventually he got me in the studio. When I was four years old I recorded my first
song with these two twins and shit. I think the chorus went like, “Daddy, daddy
are you coming for me? I’m tryna…” Some shit like that, but it was some sexy,
pretty boy shit. But I was like four years old, you feel me? Like that’s one of my uses for the marijuana, you
know? It just helps me balance myself out. But I’m not saying I depend on anything ’cause
I don’t. I’m good. I want my fans to know that Lil
Skies is good and I love y’all. I like cars, but I don’t know much about them,
but I like driving in them. And I’m a big smoker so I like driving and
smoking and just put the music up. Back roads, just going fast type shit. Bury me with the shit that I like, that I
was very into. When I go to heaven if I could take my Backwoods,
I link with God, we light the L and we good. You feel me? I think about a owl when I say that. Like a owl, you don’t ever see an owl and
it moves at night and shit. So that’s the type of shit I be on. Artists nowadays everybody’s so focused on
doing features and getting clout from this next person, it’s so big on the clout shit,
but me I just don’t care about that clout shit. If somebody comes in and tries to stop my
shit, like the flow of my career Yeah it’s gon’ be problems. At the point I’m at right now, I wouldn’t
be invested in a relationship. I wouldn’t want to be that for somebody. I would just wanna be a rock star. If there’s no ashtray I’ll just take that
shit and just blow it and let it hit the floor. I just don’t like to be too invested in a
girl. I’m more into
the music.


Me: I don’t care…
People: that’s not gonna get you anywhere
Lil skies: I didn’t really care about anything and look at me now
Me: *screams in idgaf

00:58 I’m not big In the nudes

5 seconds later … SAID SHE GOT THAT SUPER SOAKER well girl just let me see

100% respect for no drugs I’m sitting here like we lost Mack miller to drugs and a whole lot more rappers so I mean respect for skies. 1 like = respect for skies

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