Learn to Sing Better: Free Voice Lessons : Vibrato Depth Vocal Techniques

Hey! I am Mark Black and welcome to expertvillage.com,
we are going to be talking about vocal performance. The two dimensions, depth is how big a change
we are making. So if I go, I am trying to do a vibrato, “I love you.” I am doing
it so shallow, which you cannot hear, has to be deep enough… and then we can hear
and not so deep that it sounds stupid… So there are definitely two issues there and
the second issue is how fast we do it. We cannot do it too quickly because it sounds
nervous, “I think you are fine and I am so glad,” it’s like “what’s wrong
with that guy, he has had too much coffee,” and then the extremes of too slow it is simply
we were quick hearing it as a vibration. So that will exercise and speeding it up will
help your vibrato… think of it as loud and soft, don’t let it be frequency sharp and
flat, although if we put on a StroboConn, a big tuner, anyone who is doing vibrato there
will be a slight fluctuation of pitch there but much less if you are trying to do it loud
and soft.


Is everyone on "expert" village stupid?? This is not how to produce vibrato! Stop polluting youtube with potentially damaging videos!! If you really want to learn then take lessons. Don't watch some random guy who doesn't know what he's talking about drag you through made-up concepts of vocal technique

Oh I get perfectly what he's saying. Doesnt make it right or healthy in any capacity. So get educated before you try and have an opinion mate !

Like i already say mr educated – I do understand this guy. I understand exactly what he is attempting to teach and I understand his lack of training, technique and actual ability to do what he would like to do. He is an ignorant man, who would be laughed at by anyone who really knew about the technique of singing. If you think this is for you – by all means, do what he is saying. But dont expect to have a natural and free voice, or one of longevity or sustainability.

whatever this person says makes sense. but making sense is just part of understanding what he says. it does not mean you are able to apply effectively. i truly don't believe we can learn singing online… if its that easy, everyone will become singers already

if you continue to attempt to 'teach' vibrato, a natural ability that the adult larynx has to move independatly to maintain resonance, you will fuck up young voices in no time at all 🙂

@shorllleg Thats because your hearing your voice in your head.. and not projecting ! when you record, ( weither your like it or not ) Thats your voice !

Thank u sir, but whenever i sing with Vibrato..People say that my Voicing is shaking and shivering.. :-/ why ?

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