Learn to Sing Better: Free Voice Lessons : Singing Tips & Encouragement for Learning to Sing Better

Hey! I am Mark Black and welcome to expertvillage.com.
We are going to be talking about vocal performance. So, I think I want to just sum up everything
that we said, which is the bottom line is that the voice is a natural thing. You got
tons of friends and people and they all sing, and it is a pretty darn natural thing to do,
and because of that that’s really cool, makes it easy to do. The hard part of it is
that it makes different things harder like to be a better musician, to be systematic
with it and if you will do that it will help you. But the main thing I want to encourage
you is that you can really develop your voice. It’s not mystical. It is harder to find,
in my opinion it is harder to find a voice teacher that achieves results than it is to
find let us say a guitar teacher who achieves results. I don’t know why it does seem to
me like there are more voice teachers who are… you know they are “the artist, I’m
so cool” but I want to encourage you that if you look you can find somebody that can
help you. It’s not that you have to take lessons, it is just what I said in the beginning
that it really helps to have somebody for the voice especially external from you who
can say, you are sharp, don’t so that quite like this. But mostly what I want to leave
you with is that you can learn to sing. Singing is a wonderful thing and I know so many people
who very earnestly want to sing and they are just normal people they want to sing well
and for whatever reason they have got an impression that they are just lost whatever you know,
there is just no hope for them and I just want to tell you that it is not true. If you
are one of those people you can learn to sing, and sing well. If you sing adequately you
can learn to sing better, if you sing well, you can learn to sing great, if you are pretty
good now or really good now, you can be the best there is if you work on it. So, I want
you to be encouraged, I want you to treat your voice as an instrument. If you can get
some professional help, somebody who will really encourage you and lead you well and
be encouraged with your voice and go for them, I am sure you will do really well. Thanks
a lot and I am Mark Black and thanks for coming to expertvillage.com and this was our seminar
about voice training. Thanks a lot.


definitely subscribing to this. I've learned more in the past half hour of watching these videos than in the entire time I've been dying to learn how to sing. very nice lessons 😀

hey mark..the part that really impressed me was the encouragement u gave me when u said if u cannot sing well u can learn to sing and if u can sing good u can learn to sing great. It was so encouraging, I know I have a voice, but I want to learn how to sing. thanks

i think he's sending out a good message! hes giving people who want to sing hope :)…..i learned how to do vibrato the correct way from watching these guys vids and others.

i know people talk about how they've improved their singing from videos, and to some extent it's possible. BUT, are these people saying in their own opinion they can sing better, or is that family and friends saying that? At first, family and friends telling you you have improved is great and gives confidence, but ultimately you need a trained ear to tell you whether or not you're on the right track. Cliched i know, but people close to you just don't give honest opinions.

Haha, I sing so false that birds will fall out of the sky. Sounds like an elk who has just sat down on a big pile of ants… 😛

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