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Hey! I am Mark Black and welcome to expertvillage.com.
We are going to be talking about the vocal performance. But the basic idea is that singing
high is singing loud at the beginning. Now my fellow voice teachers do not get mad at
me because I am saying this because we are not saying that all of singing high is singing
loud. But a good way to prime the pump and get you going you know, I can’t sing these
notes… is for you to sing loud and I just want to say if I go… now I am intentionally…
the only thing I am doing is not supporting the diaphragm and to change those notes all
I have to do, support it… the only difference between the first set of notes and the second
set of notes is air. I am supporting, I am supporting from the diaphragm, and so many
of students the only thing they are doing is that they are not giving enough air it
is not that they have a bad voice it is not that they have a bad ear. It may be because
they are afraid somebody will hear them, lot of times people have trouble singing because
they are just afraid somebody is going to actually hear them, but you are into performing
art that is what music is and performing art yet to be comfortable or at least willing
to be out there and be heard.


your voice is an instrument and yes you can learn to sing, but your first thing to do is dont be scared of your voice as that can hold you back and make you sound off key be happy with yourself and you will find you sing much better

i can play piano, everyone says my voice is great but i dont know how my voice sounds like, like i think i know but i dont know how it sounds to other

Don't thumb down ladvivina2. This really is bad advice. Just because this man seems professional and is on expertvillage doesn't mean he knows what he's talking about. There's a million bad vocal coaches out there

Well it's not horrible. Using your diaphram and using support is great. But he's presenting it in a way that promites…belting, and just "more air". The foundation should be good CONNECTION of the vocal folds, and the RIGHT amount of air, to achieve projection and a good safe tone. Simply belting high notes is bad advice. But only in my opinion

Do some online research about what others say regarding singing high notes and singing "loudly". Find some stuff that tells you why it's about technique and not "forcing" it, and compare it to what others say about yelling and belting. You'll find the technique folks able to back themselves up with explanations and the others going "huh? technique?"

Hmm… is that in front of people, or even by yourself? Most of us are always scared or nervous when we sing, it just depends on how we use it [in public speaking, for example, I naturally get nervous, but I can turn it to adranline to talk louder and with more emotion].

This didn't sound like belting it to me, there was some real diapghragm support behind that. A clear and concise message too. Good job, matey!

You should not sing loud!! You should sing from the diaphragm and project, but the example was terrible…thats belting and it only causes your vocal chords to rub up against eachother and become irritated. The only difference between the 1st and 2nd example scales were that for the 2nd one-you raised your soft pallet. That's all you did.

this is terrible and i hope you dont teach this to real paying students…..

*professional singer*

me. or, anyone BUT him. trust me, please.

you need to support but gently. you shouldnt push out like that. Learn your limits.

belting is very harsh,loud singing that is generally sung from the chest and very good for projecting. Many broadway singers belt, but you must be trained properly to do this.

If you do it on your own, you are merely destroying your vocal chords and doing what they call a "vocal fry".You must be trained.When singing regular music or classically, you should sing with your soft pallet raised,your diaphragm supported and clear vowels.

As I said, know your limits.you shouldnt have to sing loud for support.Just dont allow too much air to path through your chords to cause breathiness and non support.questions, feel free to reply.

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I've watched this video for a second time now and I now see the faults. No matter what he tries to demonstrate, whether it be his version of poor technique or his version of the right way, he sounds like he is really straining. And singing high is NOT the same as singing loud. But he was right about people being afraid of people hearing them when they sing.

I SUPPOSE if you have been taught how to do it correctly(i dont see how you CAN do it correctly)then its kind of like belting which is OKAY if done right, but let me tell you, you rent doing your voice any good. while the harm may be slower, it will still be negative on your overall health,Just my opinion

darn, i dunno if my first part showed up but i basically said that in my opinion it is still bad. It will as i said cause your vocal chords to rub up against eachother and cause excessive damage to your chords and may even cause vocal nodules(which often times require surgery to remove). I personally would say dont. just dont. it cant be good.

would you understand me when i say that i can't sing but i have an ok voice if i took lessons?? b/c i know ppl that cant sing AT ALL! but i think with a few lesson i will be ok…sorta like cassie just with a bit of a stronger voice

sure i mean you probably wont be an amazing singer but if you have a little bit of potential all you have to do is to learn how to let out that potential correctly.=] then you might be an ok singer.

hey don't give up singing. its a great way to express yourself. i used to be a very soft singer partly because of i was afraid someone would hear me and make fun of me. but i started singing when no one was around and i was really good. I missed out on a lot of things in music because i was afraid of what someone might think of me. but this past year i tried out for chorus at school and made it. so never give up on what you love no matter what.=]

Perhaps all u need to do is to heal your vocal cords… you can do so with some exercises, and a visit to a speech pathologist.

It is not too late to learn. Who cares what other people can do at that age. Don't let things like that discourage you.

Definitely not too late!! I was in chorus for over 4 years (elementary, HS, college), but until I took personal voice lessons in college did I really learn how to use breathing correctly, the psychological aspect of it, vibrato (deals with breathing), pitch, etc. etc… (to be continued…)

(continued..) If you are 16 you are still developing and you actually hit your 'peak' singing age in your 30-40's (don't quote me on that, I forget the real #)? Even then after you can still sing. Unless you are tone-deaf everyone can sing. It is a matter of learning how to. It's really just a learned skill, unless you are a natural, BUT, even naturals practice practice practice!! Have fun with it and don't worry if you don't sing like a pop star, everyone's voice is different! ๐Ÿ™‚

Oh, and another thing, for anyone who 'squints' as they sing (especially high notes), Do Not do that! What do I mean? Look at some singers, when they sing a high note their eyes squint and their eyebrows get that angry look. You have nasal passages that all connect in the back of your face and you sort of shut off that pure sound when you squint, losing your pitch. Instead try to keep your eyebrows up like a surprised look for those higher pitches. Just try not look like you had a face lift!

i'm 13 and i have a low voice i'm not much of a talker but i have a hard time on high notes is that normal or what that's the only thing and also i sing a little low not to low but yeah….any help would be appreciated[=

definitely not, your voice doesn't stop developing until you're in your thirties so you've got plenty of time left ๐Ÿ™‚

this is why people on broadway are famous and we are not……Nobody thinks anymore….good luck with singing. I think expertvillage is actually helpful and why? Because I USE the advice they give…I dont brush it off and ignore it like 99.9% of the dumbasses on youtube….at least I'm TRYING to do something with the tips I'm learning rather than complaining and saying, "I cant do it, I dontk now what a diaphragm is, I'm a dummy whaa" stupid 5 year-olds

the tips of those video lessons are actually pretty good for a youtube lesson, they could help if you don,t have any condicions to pay a real lesson, but still those are just little tips and the video seems to be incomplet O_o ….

YEAH, I am afraid of being heard, of course!!! I can do many things loud, and not be afraid, but SINGING with bad voice?? IT'S EMBARASSING!

I started doing a few vocal exercises while i am playing the drums, great part is no one care hear me over the drums lol, like when i am count mt beats, i try to sing it 1, 2 ,3 ,4 instead of so so me fa doe, and sometimes I yell HEEEEEEEEEY!

Take a deep breath and as you let your sound out, you squeeze/contract your stomach muscles/diaphram, sort of like, as if you were trying to push the top muscles of your stomach/torso down towards the bottom muscles. The harder the contraction, the louder sound you will get. Hope not too confusing? I'm just an amateur anyway.

wise words thanks dude. i learned how to sing vibrato from you! ๐Ÿ™‚ im in a band now :P. top man a sincere thank you!

If you don't have a singing voice what so ever, is there a possible way to create one by using vocal coachings? I dont know if you can take a bad voice and make it a good one?

well, damn. so technically anyone who is born with a bad voice is going to have one for the rest of there life? holaycrap

Thats not true at all…you just have to find out what your range is. Your not gonna end up sining things that are in the range of your fav people. But If you practice and stick to your own style. Youll learn over time.

@ys2468 It's hard to hit the highs when you sing from the diaphragm. I learned by emulating Rod Stewert's Maggie May. All of a sudden I felt I was no longer using my throat voice but an area in my upper chest. At first it's a weak voice but after a couple of weeks of singing like this my voice got stronger and clearer. I never pushed too hard. Just had fun singing Maggie May and now I sing like all those guys on American Idol! Chris Cornell, Eddie Vetter, etc

It's 1 of the things I really hate about myself. It's not like I'm wishing to have a voice like Beyonce or whoever, I just wanna have a pleasant voice. So that when I sing nobody goes like: "Whoa, who stepped on your foot?" Haha xD

@snake48710 Well I see your point. But for beginners like me, I need the basic skills and foundations before I create anything of my own.
And even if this video is opinionated, this guy sings better than most of us and he's an expert, so it's reasonable for me to try the exercises. Now the question again is..do you know how to support the diaphragm? ๐Ÿ˜›

The video is not audible properly….can you please improve the quality of sound for this video so that we can understand better what the singing teacher is trying to coach. Thanks, Manish Orkey

wow that is so true because untill recently nobody has ever head me sing because i was too embarrased and that lack of confidence kind of strayed me away from singing so i didnt practice every day….. and it definitely showed in my voice (: but now i sing at church because its what i love and i dont want anything t stand in my way of what i love to do

I have always love to sing but afraid that it'll be too loud and people will hear it = so i tend not to project my voice

wow that iberrett character is retarded… a myth he says hahahahahahaha… oh man, well we all kno what you are not.

@Salivable well you could start figureing out wat you need to work on most like high notes i need to work on loud notes mostly just figre that out first and then work your way from there it wont come instatly it takes time for your voice to develope but dont worry if you keep trying youl get there

watching this, i realized that i was afraid to sing loud and i wasn't letting enough air out when singing
will have to work on that. cheers

@Salivable i guess u can pay for a vocal teacher….and i no how it is annoying when ppl say that, because if u r like me- u checked every how-to website and they always said that u had to pay for a coach, but i only had one lesson and my voice is better is much better…….

@Salivable theres this guy named Eric arceneux on youtube, he has tons of tips and singing videos to improve your voice. it helps alot

thanks that helps alot!!! i'm trying to sing louder in my youtube videos and this helped me alittle i think!!! havent started a new video yet

Well it's easier to sing sing notes louder because that is just the nature of your body but what about low notes. I am singing this solo that is low but i have trouble with making low notes loud. Any tips?

I Think I dont sing loud enough is probably because i dont want anyone to hear me… So Im afraid of singing loud because I dont want someone to hear me and be like… They Suck

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