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Hey! I am Mark Black and welcome to expertvillage.com.
We are going to be talking about vocal performance. I think the last thing I want to tell you
is that they say, I think there is some science fiction movie back in the 60s, and basically
these people ate this food and they turned into giants and so, maybe a C. S. Lewis book,
the point is if you eat the food of giants, you become a giant. So, one of the ways to
prime the pump and get you going in terms of being a great vocalist is to listen to
great vocalist and I don’t think you necessarily, I don’t think you should say or everybody
tells me Frank Sinatra is a great vocalist or Barbara Streisand, don’t worry about
that. Just pick people you like. You know, the people whose albums you think are cool
from a vocal standpoint. Now and they will be like I love what he does. Now another thing
to consider, some people, I am not going to name any names, but some artists that I would
say “Man, I love how he hits these licks, and I love his range, but his tone I don’t
really care for that” and somebody else would be the opposite, “Oh! I just can hear
him sing one note for all day, you know, but he is really not that skilled when it comes
to this other aspect.” So, I am not saying that we are looking for a perfect vocalist,
but I am saying a great way to feed your spirit, feed your ideas on what you are doing and
to you give your ideas for the future is to listen to great musicians. You have an internal
and I have an internal picture of what my voice is supposed to look like, sound like
when I sing, I am trying to match somebody. For me, you because of when I grew up, it’s
probably John Denver and James Taylor with little Randy Travis and people like that stuck
in there. And it’s a background image, and I don’t mean I can say who it is, but when
you listen to me sing if you listen to me along that if you say he kind of sings like
this and that, you got that too. And so one of the ways to move your voice is to listen,
to a different place, is to listen more intently to great artist to great people and again
it just slightly changes the direction of what you are thinking of and over time it
can make a big change. So, if you’ll feed on the food of giants, you will become a giant.


hes saying that you should listen to people you like so that you have a mental picture of what your voice should sound like. sort of like a swing model for golf or tennis.

I don't know if that's entirely good advice… There are very people in the world that have so much natural talent that they don't need any guidance in these kinds of things. If someone got caught up trying to imitate a singer with less than perfect habits (trust me, I speak from my own experience) they could do some serious harm to their voice.

he is but what does this have to do with singing? LOL haha seems like twilight just gets in EVERYWHERE doesn't it? 😛 oh well… you can never have enough twilight 😀 (ps. this is not up for debate, i'm only speaking on behalf of myself) lol

People tell me I have a GREAT voice, but I hate the sound of my own voice. Last time I did the song Hallelujah people started crying. Anyone else just hate the sound of their own voice?

adalts and my best freind tell me i can sing but to me most of the time my voice just sucks but i have hope and it's very long story

I do. Recording sounds pretty bad, there's never a perfect note, not if I practize for hundred years. People told me I gave them goosebumps if they heared me but that doesn't do any difference. I don't feel comfortable as a singer. The good thing is I don't have to. LOL

i can sing and dance now lol just learn how to listen like listen to mj he is a great high note singer thats how i learned i love mj hes awsome rip king of pop

the fact that you want to be a star is your biggest flaw. You have to want to play guitar or sing. Almost every great musician didn't want to be famous. they wanted to be a musician. That's the drive you need.
Fuck getting famous. I want to play guitar and sing either as a career or as a major hobby for the rest of my life. Hope i taught you something…

@straightkickinitmain I don't know why you got thumbs down on this comment, I completely agree with you. If you sing or play an instrument just for the sake of being famous, you're not going to enjoy yourself, you'd be doing it for the wrong reasons, and it's all around just awkward. You need to have a passion for singing or playing, not getting famous. Love what you do, not what it gets you.

@straightkickinitmain I agree with you, but you need to have ambition if you want to make it as a singer.
You have great singers out there, who have the most amazing voices, but don't have the ambition to become '' famous''
Face it, some people want to sing, and they want to become a star. But that doesnt mean they want to sing JUST to become a star 🙂

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