Learn to Sing Better: Free Voice Lessons : How to Eliminate the Nasal Sound When Singing

Hey! I am Mark Black and welcome to expertvillage.com.
We are going to be talking about vocal performance. So if you have trouble with a nasally sound,
or a thin sound, you should open up your throat, drop your tongue, like a yawn, and as I would
say a polite yawn in church, or in a meeting, when you yawn like this, somebody says “you
are yawning?” and you say no but you are, and what I am trying to get at is dropping
my tongue, opening my throat and I am enlarging this chamber here, and I am not particularly
telling you to open the jaw, that has an effect, but that is not the effect we are looking
for right now. Right now we are trying to say make this secondary, this is the primary
resonating chamber of your chest, secondary resonating chamber is the jaw and is opening,
and we want to open that up, so again going from really tight to really open, back to
a good sound, listen to this… that is all exactly the same pitch, different resonances,
very tight throat, high tongue, opening up to big fat yawn, too much, and relaxing to
a nice perfect sound. A good exercise for you if you have trouble with that, is to do
just that but go slower, you will hit a note on the piano, hit it real tight, tight as
you can make it, open up until it’s fat, until it sounds stupid, so fat and full, and
then just relax your throat, don’t think about closing anything, just relax until you
hear a good sound. So that you can get a sound like this… and somewhere there you would
say “I like that sound,” but we need extremes: too tight, too open and then relax to a perfect
sound, that is to get the tambour to open up, the tambour of your voice, and most people
are too tight. I am not talking about their attitude, I am talking that their throat is
too closed.


=[ I need advice. I'm a tenor, and i looked online and saw that the tenor range is below middle c and above middle c. I can sing the octives below middles c but i have difficulty with the octive higher than that. I feel like it's hard to sing that high and i want to sing those high notes more naturally.

What kind of vocalist are you? If you don't know anything about vocals, don't spread false information on how to vocalise "properly". U need some serious vocal help.

yes i hav but, i've been training my self now and i can sing higher no lol thanks for the care and help ^^. btw i live in ny



i feel SO sorry for the people who actually believe this shit.
please please do not listen to him.
if you notice he has a very nasally sound, it's b.c he is singing out of his throat/nose and NOT out of his diaphragm! that puts strain on the voice and sounds like shit!

i'm very disappointed with his videos.
please make your tongue fat all the way through, it sounds so much better and puts less strain on the voice.

why the hell are people putting thumbs down on your reply? i'm really sick of seeing people take advantage of the thumbs up/down like that. stop it! it is CHILDISH.
there is nothing wrong with his/her comment. so leave it be!

He was trying to be funny but it didnt work. He does seem a little nervous in the vid. He illustrates the principle hes communicating effectively however.

check out Robert Lunte and The Vocalist Studio… if thats not exactly what you're looking for then I dont think ull ever be satisfied…

down against the bottom of your mouth. You want it out of the way of the air flow both in your throat and in your mouth.

Just yell! Start yelling at: HEEEEEEEY!! That wil work out everything, like nasal sounds. And you'll be able to sing loud as well.. lol

actually, there is no such thing as "chest resonance"… unless you're a mummy… because resonance is the echoing of sound within space. there are 3 resonant chambers… the throat, the mouth and the nasal cavity. you cannot resonate in the chest – you will feel sympathetic vibration in the sternum, but not resonance. and you won't have resonance in your head either (unless you're a soprano – ha!)

Mark Black is great, he was my Instructor for my 2 semesters of Music Theory when I was in Dallas. Great to see him on here. The man is a treasure chest of knowledge, he really knows what he's talking about. God bless you Mark!

Thanks for asking me to look it up…this is just one of many passages I found: "The chest is not an effective resonator. Although strong vibratory sensations may be experienced in the upper chest, and although numerous voice books refer to chest resonance, the chest, by virtue of its design and location, can make no significant contribution to the resonance system of the voice."

well, actually the abdominal muscles are used to support the adduction of the folds and sustain of the sounds we produce – but don't enhance or cause resonance either. And the diaphragm is an involuntary sheath of muscle which we do not control.

I agree with that last statement "the chest, by virtue…". The sound of the voice is modified by resonance in the air spaces above the larynx through which the air flows i.e. not the chest.. However the quote is misleading as it misses the point that the chest resonance that voice books talk about is the conductive variety.

your tongue should be on the bottom of your mouth, and the tip of your tongue should rest against the back of your bottom teeth, that's what he is doing in the video

@DrDevilDD less deep? I got my voice less deep, sounds POP also. I did it by putting a bit of nasality to my singing. Easier singing high notes. But now, I felt the repercussions of doing so and having a hard time to sing with a wholesome voice. That's why i got here :)) A deep voice is wholesome and I miss that voice. don't try making it less deep. 😐 (bitter 🙁 )

so what about the sound "e" how do you make that more "whole" i see that first the lesson starts with having an "e" sound then gradually changing it to "ah" i doubt there is any way to eliminate the nasally sound when singing "e"

Do you think some people are born with a horrible voice? Because I've been trying everything, practicing every day, warm ups, lessons, and nothing works….

hum…if we want to use the nasal sounds to ''humanize" the voice?
Just like David Bowie(hoarse/nasal)…
hum…I don't know , I think lost the way again…

Can you do that "aaaaah" in "ihhhhhhhh" without sounding "nasal" !!!!! God dammit this is a bad lesson for me. Anybody can do "ahhhhhhhhhhhhh"!

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