Leaking Rap Music Secrets

-I gotta be honest, I am
feeling myself tonight, okay? I am. I just danced up a storm
in my green room, you know, hyping myself up
to a lil’ Drizzy Drake. Hey! You know? But honestly, here’s the thing. Being a rap music fan
is a constant struggle, because it makes me forget
that I’m a feminist. I mean, can anyone
relate to this? Okay? If you took the beat
out of some of these songs and just said half of the things
they’re saying, I would never talk to you again. [ Laughter ]
Yeah. But YG could rap
about me making him a sandwich, and I’d be okay with it as long
as it make that booty bounce. [ Laughter ] [ Cheers and applause ] It’s horrible! I hate myself for it. I learned pretty early on that
you should never trust a rapper to teach you how to spell. I remember when I tried to tell
my teacher that Lil Wayne said, “Weezy F, baby,
and the ‘F’ is for phenomenal.” No, that’s not
how you spell phenomenal. The “F” is for the “F” you got
on your spelling test, Weezy. [ Laughter ] [ Cheers and applause ] Honestly, I am a little
embarrassed to admit — This is a true story.
I’m so embarrassed to admit that, for the longest time,
I thought Fabolous and Ludacris were the correct ways
to spell those words. They’re not!
Did I just blow your — Everyone was like — [ Laugher ] One of my favorite things
about music is music videos. My favorite music videos are the ones with rappers
acting all hard on Jet Skis. Because you just know that’s not
how the video started. Have you ever tried
to get on a Jet Ski, y’all? You gotta get two of your boys
to help you on, first of all. And then another one to be like,
“You got this, bro! You’re doing amazing, sweetie.” [ Cheers and applause ] Oh, all those old music videos where everyone is balling out
on a yacht? Yeah, you just know that before
the camera started rolling, the captain was
making them all wear life vests while talking them through
the safety training. “Yeah, life boats are
on the right side of the boat. Please wait until we’re at sea
to pop bottles, Mr. Diddy.” [ Laugher ] Music videos used to be amazing
because they’d tell a story. You know? Like, the music video
for “Mo Money Mo Problems” was all about Puff Daddy
and Mase at a golf tournament. These days, I feel like the only
story they tell in rap videos is, “My dad
didn’t love me enough.” [ Laugher ] #Relatable, though. [ Laugher and applause ] No, seriously, why — [ Cheers and applause ] You hear that? It’s the sound
of neglected children. [ Laughter ] No, but seriously,
why are some rappers so angry? First of all,
I just bought your album. And then on tracks 2 and 5, you said you just hooked up
with my girl. I’m just saying, if I got laid in the span of 10 to 15 minutes
twice, I’d be having
a pretty good night. By the way, have you ever
thought about this? How uncomfortable
do you think it is to be the guy who finds out
a rapper hooked up with his girl to a dope beat? I do feel like now
hip-hop has to do so much. You have to have something
for the club, something for the streets,
even something for the ladies — the girlfriends, the wives,
even the baby mamas. Like, when 50 Cent said, “Have
a baby by me, be a millionaire,” yeah, when I heard that,
I was like, “Okay, nine bullets
couldn’t tie him down, girl. Neither will you, okay?” Let’s be real. [ Applause ] But real talk, I was sad when I heard
that Nicki Minaj was retiring so she could focus
on having a family. It was the most devastating
four days of my life. I’m so glad she’s back. I mean, let’s be real, who else
was she going to talk to about anacondas? Her kids? I feel like that would have been
a very awkward conversation at the dinner table. “Oh, I tossed a salad
with romaine. And then your dad tossed
my salad like his name Romaine!” [ Laughter ] [ Cheers and applause ] One of my favorite things to do
is sing along to these songs. But it can be hard
because I don’t swear. I’m serious. I don’t even swear
when I’m alone in my car. And that’s why
I’ve perfected the art of self-censoring rap songs. I’m legit the master
of this, okay? Here’s how I would rap a verse from a famous A$AP Rocky song, right?
[ Clears throat ] [ Rapping ] ♪ I love bad —
That’s my — problem ♪ ♪ And yeah I like to —
I got a — problem ♪ It’s confusing! [ Laughter ] Now, if you don’t
know this about me, I take a trip to Trinidad
for Carnival every year. Yep!
[ Cheers and applause ] And every time I’m there,
without fail, I somehow end up
in someone’s music video. And I’m a star, y’all. What can
I say? It happens, okay? But a couple years ago,
I made an appearance in YG’s music video
for the song “Pop It, Shake It.” -Whoo!
-Yeah. And they didn’t
give me any context for how I would be appearing
in the video. They just told me to dance and
have fun, so I’m like, “Okay.” Listen, I like to think
of myself as family-friendly. My vibe is unicorns
and rainbows, and that is not what YG was
going for in this video, okay? Check this out. -[ Rapping ]
♪ Let me see you, no hands ♪ ♪ Make me feel like the man ♪ ♪ Kan you sit it all ♪ [ Laughter ] -It’s basically, “Butt, butt,
butt, me, butt.” Okay? Which, now that I say out loud,
is actually a pretty fire verse. “Butt, butt,
butt, me, butt, ay!”


Here's how I censor sexist rap lyrics πŸ˜ΉπŸ‘
whenever they say bitches I say ladies
Or whenever they say hoes I say girls

U have not heard bts rap I guess… I would recommend ddaeng.. The last.. Agust d.. Nevermind… Hope world.. There are so many plz check them out.. I love u for what ur doing plz never stop it such an inspiration ty

Her mannerisms seem to piss off almost everyone, cringe level 10. And the mental gymnastics to be a Feminist and then show big assess of women bouncing around is laughable.

This woman was born in the long race, she is straight up black and amazingly it works with her Indian background that I feel really good. Black-Americans, here is a tip, call her to the cook out coz am hoping she is the 47 th tribe in Eastern Africa. Coz honey, I cant picture you in a sari and yet I still can if that makes sense

"The only story that music videos tell now is that my dad didn't love me enough . #relatablethough" AHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAUAHAHAHAHAAUHA IM DES

Lilly, I love your message but pleaseeee stop appropriating black culture. It’s getting old and with the bigger audience you’re gaining, it’s going to finally become an issue for you sooner or later.

She should name drop Canibus or JMT or Sean Price or M.O.P or Mobb Deep to really show she knows rap. These pop artists who can manage a verse or two ain't hip hop. LMAO

I don't understand why people are hating on her and her talk show so much saying that she's not funny anymore or she was better as a YouTuber. She's so good……

❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️ yaaaasssss!! She just keeps getting better and better!!!

This whole show is really smart, it cators to a different generation and will continue to be relevant to millennials and those after. I think most of the ppl who don't get this either don't really like her much or are old πŸ˜‚ facts tho

Ok whoever keeps screaming like that in the audience…you need to find out who it is and have them on every show! πŸ˜‚

This show won’t last a year. It’s comically unfunny. Oh, and before you go there sweetie, it’s not cause you’re brown or whatever….it’s cause you’re not good at entertainment.

Lilly, I love you!! I'm so happy for you, so proud of you, so all that for you… (but please stop clapping (the single pop clap) in your monologue – doesn't listen well at home on the screen) (saying this with love)

this is the most toxic terrible show i’ve ever seen i was barely able to make it to the end let alone laugh. jesus christ your jokes are so basic and annoying and make me wanna kms

This comment section is very suspect. 🧐 There are wayyyyyy too many good/positive comments and reviews. I don't know if youtube is copy and pasting nice, positive comments from other actually funny and talented videos. Everyone and their grandparents know that this is a nightly train wreck, eh?!

Every video has a comment talking about the lighting! Get some floor lamps girl and focus them on your face! Just do it! Seriously! πŸ’‘

She was also in the back of one of akshay Kumar's movies Yeah THAT WAS CRINGE LMAO🀣🀣🀣🀣

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