Lea Salonga joins #Ham4Ham to sing “A Whole New World”

Be nice to each other and thank you.
Soldiers, we honor your service on this Veteran’s Day. Welcome to the #Ham4Ham show this Wednesday. I can guarantee a traffic jam on 46th Street. If you don’t have room here, you’re gonna be able to hear
us across the street, that’s also no issue. I’m very thrilled to be here
today because on Sunday night I saw a show that made me cry a whole lot. It’s called Allegiance. And I’m a lifelong fan of this next performer. She
is a living legend. Here’s Lea. Lea Salonga! Oh my Lord, look at that! There’s so many people here, you weren’t kidding! Hi everybody! You know sometimes the show is for you
and sometimes the show is for me. I have sung with Stephen Trask, I have sung The Confrontation from Les Miz with the great Kyle Jean-Baptiste. We’re singing A Whole New
World. But before that I wanted to surprise Lin today.
The reason I’m doing this — I am friends with one of his ex-girlfriends. Did you guys
go in college? Yeah, in college. She was the original Nina in In The Heights and served
as inspiration for it so I sent her a message and asked her, “Is there anything
that I can do at #Ham4Ham that would really knock his socks off?” I like my socks the way they are. And so
she sent me this. You guys ready? Alright. Hopefully I do it justice. You can
totally know what this is. I will do justice to it, I’ll do the best I can.
Alright. That’s a song I wrote for my girlfriend in college. I was really trying to date her. And you did!
Okay now that I’m totally mortified, let’s sing A Whole New World.

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