Lauren Singer – Zero Waste – UW Carbon Challenge! – Green Seed Grant


She is such an inspiration! Bea and Lauren inspired me to make the switch and live a zero waste life πŸ™‚

I think she's brilliant and real. She is the Every Girl. With the culture in which we live, we will run into more walls than not. The message here is that ANYTHING you can do in the right direction is awesome. Research, learn, tweak, create, make, and whenever faced with a choice or decision choose one that is in the right direction. Nothing can be "perfect" and no one is "perfect". No situation is "perfect". All we can do is our best with the resources given at that moment. As someone wise once told me, "Your money speaks louder than your voice. Industry out for profit won't listen to lip service, they WILL listen to dollars." So as long as your money matches your values then you are in the right direction. Never criticize small steps…..they are the most important.

Amazed that she is so indifferent to the impact of animal product production. Why so defensive about her meat consumption?

as for science and research about being nonvegan I would suggest watching 98 year old vegan on youtube.Β  he did a video at 100 too.Β  still mows his yard some.Β  I would also watch uprooting the leading causes of death on youtube.Β  they are both medical doctors

I really admire her lifestyle. I just don't get what research and science she is talking about when saying that her choice to eat meat is based on that .. It's so contradictory. But other than that it's so awesome πŸ™‚

Love this video! Please check out Cowspiracy. Animal agriculture is one of the leading causes for environmental issues.

I would really like to know what Lauren uses for her hair. All hair soaps, castille soaps, coconut oils etc I have tried for my hair so far have sucked.
I went back to regular shampoo and conditioner because even the organic brands weren't any good… help please

19:21 I wonder why a jar of Laurens Laundry detergent costs so much, if it is so easy and inexpensive to make. I just made a dishwasher detergent from Bea Johnson book and it is amazing!

It's fantastic to live a low waste lifestyle, but animal agriculture creates so much waste – it seem like the next logical step to stop using animal products (since so much waste is created)

it's interesting to me that she will say she can throw out blurbs and live by example, but seemed very adamantly against veganism… just because a few people say you HAVE to live vegan, doesn't mean that's the only example to intake? like how is it okay for her to say blurbs but not for her to take in blurbs from vegans? does that make sense? anyways, love her, just wish she'd look into the environmental impacts of animal agriculture bc it is terrible!

I'm amused at how many in the comment section are accusing her of her choice to eat meat. She is already doing so much, if everyone did that much we'd live in a better planet already. But those commenting on her meat intake don't seem to realise that, or even appreciate her efforts so far in the least. She shouldn't eat meat or this or that? Everyone on their journey. Surely starting from somewhere and progressing at our own possible way will create a joyful community instead of being judgemental.

People historically put a lot more toxic stuff in products than nowadays. Look at lead or x-rays in the beginning of the century. Also: flying is a lot more harmful for the environment than a few plastic bags.

Millennials sit on their vocal chords causing vocal fry, and I cannot stand listening to it. Sorry! Bea Johnson is an awesome spokesperson for this lifestyle, too!

This is so inspiring! Learning even more from this video. I went vegetarian years ago, now vegan, and from that my life has snow balled in to learning about ahimsa (non violence), Ayurveda and now zero-low waste living. I really had to question myself as to why I wanted to switch off and unsubscribe when Lauren said she eats animals.
Lauren, thank you for sharing everything you have learnt and the positive impact you are clearly making! Please don't take this as me forcing anything to you, only sending you positive vibes that you keep sharing your kick ass message and hope that maybe you also find love in your heart (that you clearly have for the planet), and include the animals in it too. We are all one in the same on this planet. I'm sure you know about the destruction caused from agriculture. I'm going to take on everything you have said, and going to work my ass off going plastic free! Plastic free living as much as we can, for the world, everyone and every thing in it. Thank you Lauren.

There was more buffalo taking up up more space creating more methane than there is commercial cattle. Eating meat is not the evil they imply

I disagree with the second hand clothes because they contain fungus and bad bacteria , Even your own old clothes do you should throw them and buy new ones but do not buy too many clothes . two or three pieces each
at maximum

Nothing against her lifestyle, but just wanted to WARN everyone out there, I am living proof that you can catch some nasty diseases from second hand shoes/clothing. In particular shoes. And trust me, those diseases are hard to get rid of. I will buy brand NEW clothing, and wear them out to the very end of its life. No second hand for me!! Ever!!

I'm glad she's using organic everything because that way she's not only saving the animals but she's saving the people that work in the Farms because they are dying all the time from the conventional produce that they are harvesting. I wonder if the zero waste community wonder or care for the waste that bulk store produce, which must be less than regular stores but still there is waste. Also, all the stores even second hand produce waste, so, I wonder, why would they call themselves zero waste if they are still making waste? I think that a more appropriate label for them would be low waste

THIS is what we need the young people of the Earth to do. She is enlightened and willing to do what it takes to change the Earth. We have failed, but they can succeed. God willing.

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