Lauren Jauregui Sings Cardi B, Rihanna, and Ariana Grande in a Game of Song Association | ELLE

More flattering and got look angle going. Hi, everyone I’m Lauren Jauregui and I’m gonna be playing song association with Elle the rules are pretty simple So they’re gonna give me a word and I have 10 seconds to sing that word in a song. I have myself up too much just in case I mess up but you know, I Might be pretty good at it. I don’t know Alright do my 10 seconds start before or after I say the word. I only got 10 seconds. Got to make the most of them Oh, I’m ready love, okay all you need is love all You need is love Yeah, all you need is love love Love is all you need. Did it like six times a night? Oh My gosh Lauren oh that Guys I failed at the word night. Do you know many times the same night in songs? I literally have a song called all night. I Can’t but I can’t believe I just did that. Okay, sweet sweet This Position Temper Trap I was like a long time ago shoe These expensive these is red bottom, these is bloody shoes shoe plural, but still its there A dream is a wish your heart makes when you’re fast asleep I don’t know why I thought of Cinderella Okay, I’m gonna have a lot of Disney references you don’t gotta go to work good work good work come on I mean it was in my blood. It’s in their back So back to me bat bat bat bat bat Back to me letter what you try and turn your back to me when I know that any minute You’ll be back to me finally reference on my own songs. Thank God thumb You always in your phone. I feel like you’re doing me wrong another one one You da one that I think about all day You are the one so I make sure I behave.. Hey, my love is your love your love is mine Beauty, tale as old as time true as it can be um No wait Beauty and the Beast I’m gonna just jump because I know I only have 10 seconds Expectations wish I had now …expectations Late My god late, ah good It’s the good life so why are chipping the girl a stepping away? Go um Say goodbye and go uh-huh Forever Forever Young I wanna be forever Do you really wanna live forever? and ever and ever Only got two wrong guys our two I should say only two two two where my time King I could have gotten them if I had could think a little more especially night Excuse me ma’am. I’m doing an interview so stop Wait, but don’t get rid of me in the igloo, man She was trying to argue with me. So I just decided to bring her with me into this. But yeah, please subscribe to Elle And I’ll share this video watch it She’s gonna watch it. She’s very upset with me though that I didn’t get 15 out of 15


it’s goodnight n go not goodBYE n go lol and it could’ve been imogen heap not ariana ok i’m gunna go bye

I participated too! I got 93%!
1. SZA & Travis Scott – Love Galore.
2. Bee Gees – Night Fever.
3. Maroon 5 – Sugar.
4. Kenny Loggins – Footloose.
5. Michael Jackson – Man In The Mirror.
6. Rihanna & Drake – Work.
7. Taylor Swift – We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together.
8. Drake – Hotline Bling.
9. Katy Perry & Nicki Minaj – Swish Swish.
10. Bazzi & Camila Cabello – Beautiful.
11. (Blank.)
12. Mark Ronson & Camila Cabello – Find U Again.
13. Kool & The Gang – Celebration.
14. Rihanna – I Go Crazy.
15. Justin Bieber & Jaden Smith – Never Say Never.

I have absolutely no clue who she is, but as soon as I looked at the thumbnail, I knew I was gonna fall in love with her. I was very right.

Am i the only one that saw this?!
Young forever – jay-z
Are you crazy?!?!?
Forever young will always be made by alphawile (idk how to write it)

Lauren Jauregui is a gift from God and should be treated as so. The first time I heard her sing was in the Halsey video Strangers. She got the first three words out of her mouth and I was hooked. Only three words. That raspy voice just shook me to my knees. This was only a month ago. Had no clue of 5th Harmony. I know everything now right down to Camren. Now I'm waiting for the day Camila comes out of that Glass Closet.

Her voice is so pretty and has ALOT of control! Does she smoke though because her voice seems very raspy?

Every time she sings Expectations, she ALWAYS gets it in the right key. That's dedication right there! Love this girl so much!

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