Lauren Carley- Joy of Singing

[singing] Good morning everybody.
I’m really glad to be here today, and how many of you are new to OLLI? Could I just
see? That’s great. Welcome to all of you. It’s always great to see newbies, and
also past members. I lead a singing class that is what we
called in undergraduate school an applied class, which means you will
sing. You will actually learn by doing, and by making sound. And are any of you
people who had singing in elementary school? Raise your hand if you had some
singing in it. Yeah, that’s nice. We might have been the
last generation that actually started having, as a matter of course, some music
as part of our glue together, learning songs that are part of our tradition. And
I teach it like we do in traditional communities.
You’ll learn through the ears, and by hearing, and by doing, like children learn.
So you don’t have to come knowing notes on a page, but you’ll be pleased to know,
I hope, that we sing music that you might have sung in elementary school, or
that they might sing in Nigeria at the beginning of their lives, or that they
might sing in Lebanon, or Russia, for example. And we get to sing in all these
languages, and a nice thing that we do, perhaps- have any of you noticed that at
this time in your life, something is happening to your posture?
Okay, that’s a- I can hear from the laugh. What about how strong your voice is when
you want to express it in a group? Anybody notice any changes? Yeah. That’s
part of what our class is about, it addresses our strengths and things
that we think of as maybe a few left-behinds. You know, you might say, well, that
ship has sailed, but the truth is, it hasn’t. You still have a voice in there
if we use it in a good strong way, and we open every class with movement exercises,
and vocal exercises, that are connective. [singing] We learn about trust. We learn about
being able to lean on our neighbor to make sound that will carry us along as
we learn to take another breath, and then when that’s over, take another breath, yes?
Really something to say for just making vibration in the body, singing songs, and
just feeling joy, you know? Feeling an uplift when you leave, so that we can
take on all the action activities, and organizing, and good things that we do in
the world. I love this class, it is so joyful, and it’s about my fifth time
taking it. The first time I took it, I was panic-stricken, because I thought I
couldn’t sing and I was tone-deaf, and because Lauren does, like, a multi-modal
approach, and there’s movement and there’s jokes, and we’re laughing… [singing] Shazam!

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