Lana Del Rey – White Mustang (Lyrics / Lyric Video) [Official Audio]

i want lana to choke me to death send nudes


There are record selling artists like Cardi B and Nicki Minaj who sing about nothing other than sex and money and then there is Lana Del Rey!
Pure talent😍

This is just my opinion, but if Lana did a more upbeat song and collabed with Marina and the diamonds it would sound really good.

Hi guys! I made a mashup with this and Fucked my way up to the top (:

caught up in my drreams and forgettin; ive been acting like arma gedon, youve been holding in your arms

The fact that Mustang must be like the ugliest word ever and Lana makes it sound like art is the reason I'm living

anyone from ptx/sf fandom getting major flashbacks from mitch and scott's book?

"we hooked up in scott's mustang" djskwjsj

a good amv for this is from a episode of tales from the crypt "king of the road" starring brad pitt … just watch it and it will make sense.. and yes i know this song was for g eazy

This night i had one of the best nights in awhile. All thanks to her. Driving in the middle of the night listening to this song, holding her hand, and day dreaming our future together… I won't make the same mistake i made last time with a relationship but with her, i feel alive. I finally found love again.

I don't know why but I think Marilyn Manson singing lightly along with Lana in the chorus would not be a bad idea with this song. Lol

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