Lady Antebellum Plays ‘Country Song or Country Wrong’

I’m so happy you guys are here. We are too. We’re so happy. So I did your video
for “Downtown,” which is how we all first met. I didn’t. No one asked me. You would have been hilarious
because it was a comedy video. Yeah it was. You smashed in a car window. I did. I was 15 weeks pregnant
with my oldest daughter. I think it was 2013. Oh my God. Was the planning the car– That was planned. That was my kind
of bad influence best friend that we went
and just did all these– Classic me. It all started with
Charles and Dave both thinking that I didn’t
know how to have fun. And we went and
had a great time. By the way y’all are killing it. We’ve been backstage watching. I feel like y’all– this might need to
be like a thing. I don’t know why you
seem so surprised. I will say, Whitney
already gave me one job. I’ll take another. If you want to give
me another one. Yeah, I’m telling you,
y’all been killing it. It’s awesome. And burned like 1,500
calories at least. We really did. Yeah, I need to go to the
chiropractor after this. But anyway, your seventh
album is out in November? Where do you have
time to do all this? We’ve been a band 13 years,
so it’s almost a record a year when you look at it that way. But this record, we’re
so excited about. It’s called Ocean, and
it’s just kind of the most, I think, present of where
we are in our lives. What we’ve been through,
the ups and downs. The title Ocean, there’s a
song called “Ocean,” on it, but it’s also just
all of the emotions you can feel when you’re on an
ocean, in front of an ocean. You can feel free, and
then you can feel stressed. Like it’s bringing you down. The ups and downs of all of it. And that’s what
this album is about. All of it. Living life. In terms of your
relationship with each other, or your personal relationships. All of it. I was gonna say, I’m
fascinated by bands. Like, do you guys ever fight? Of course. I mean, it’s never been like
crazy or anything physical, of course, but I mean,
there’s definitely– | just like, can
you stop breathing? There’s really been some
learning curve to it. I mean, I think it’s helped
us a lot too in our marriages. The is just– Being away from your spouse. Since you guys have
written so many songs, we actually want to see how
well you know country music, in a little game that is called
Country Song or Country Wrong. Here is how it’s going to work. We are going to take
turns naming a song, and we’re all going to
guess whether or not the song is real, or
not. tWitch, you’re going to play with us. Oh, yes. You’re going to be very helpful. Hold on give tWitch a paddle. The song is, You’re the
Reason Our Kids are So Ugly. We haven’t written that. I hope you didn’t write that. What do you think? Country wrong, country
wrong, country song? I’m saying whatever
Hillary is saying. By the way, it’s
amazing that the women think it’s a true statement. The men are like, we would
never say anything like that. It is a country song. Yes. Do you understand how
savage of a song that is? What’s the next one? How Come Your Dog Don’t
Bite Nobody But Me? Now I don’t know. That’s every guy
I’ve ever dated. It’s a question for– I just want to be consistent. Sounds like a Blake
Shelton song to me. It is. Hillary, we blew that one. It’s tough, we kinda grew up
in the ’90s so it’s like– Whiskey Had Me Feeling Frisky. But it might be too obvious. Might be too obvious. I’m going to go. I’m such a cheater. I’m just literally
copying everybody. I’m gonna go rogue. I should have copied you. I just didn’t think you
knew country music as well as these– Well, now we should write it. Now we can write it. I was gonna say, you guys should
write that song dedicate it to me, and put me in a video. Done. OK, the next one. Can I say this without
getting canceled on Twitter? You say it. Redneck Martians Stole My Baby. That’s how I would sing it, too. I don’t know. There’s no way. I refuse. I refuse to believe that’s real. Can you play it if it’s real? That’s a song? By good ol’ Hank Flamingo. [SINGING] Redneck
Martians Stole My Baby. Now everybody is going
to go Google that song. Everyone, we’ll be right
back after the break.


I'm surprised they didn't mention Luke Bryan's "Rain is a Good Thing," which talks about how whiskey makes his baby feel a little frisky.

Ellen, I write to you and your crew because you make amazing things happen. My wife's birthday is this weekend and I have been trying for a month to get Kristen Bell's attention to see if it was possible I could get a very short video of her saying happy birthday to her. it would be huge for her. My wife gives so much and receives so little and I just want to do something to make her smile. Could you please help?

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