Kygo & Whitney Houston – Higher Love (Official Video)


Still gutted that this song hasn't done as well in us the charts as it's done in UK charts were it got to number 2….. I thought the Americans would of loved this as she is won of there own but we live the song in UK

It is the best and most beautiful song I have heard today and when I say it today I mean in today's youth. And I say this because all the idiots today are singing only for money, women, cars, themes that don't even make sense, and other idiots that destroy music today.

When I heard this song it transported me back when Whitney redid this song! Man I miss that era ! When people have a damn about each other

I remember hearing this song often as promotion at the time of Wimbledon, and I wish they'd used it as background to the video montage shown, that the BBC put together, after that long famous final. It's so great! 👍

I think that there's probably no other person who can turn an already good song to a better one then Kygo. Probs for Steve Winwood too for the original, but when you want to spice something with a little more joy: Choose Kygo:P

I've heard that she's in concert in London next week, don't you just LURRRVE holography? Cool times are still around, shame about Boris, but you can't have everything 😉

All of those dislikes whoever has died in their life. Your beautiful wonderful family are happier in paradise. God loves you with open arms and healing hands. Subscribe to a beautiful wonderful channel Red Rocks Worship.😍😍🙏🙏

Whitney and Bobbi would be proud to see good music coming from tragedy 😢.
Hope a new generation appreciate that voice.

I wanted to listen to the other video of this song and some how this video kept coming up. One of my favorite songs. I Miss Whitney Thank you for sharing

This woman has been dead how long now where'd this song come from didtl they keep some of her written songs or something I'm confused 😂

Love this song makes my dance in my hard, and take the brocken hard❤ a bit more tougether THANKS KYGO AND R.I.P WITHNEY HUSTEN 🌹🦋

The beautiful unforgettable vocals of a Real talent timeless style in my opinion outstanding!☝️🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🥰✌🏾

When you watch this it isn't Whit. When you hear it on the radio it's totally different…….Whit all the way . I've just turned away from looking at this and I know exactly what I mean

Whitney💋💋💋 your love is always higher 🙌🏾💋💋💋 til the end… this music gives me vibes that she still around 🤟🏼

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