King Princess “1950” Official Lyrics & Meaning | Verified

I understand the importance of an artist explaining
what a song is about, but I also understand the importance of people claiming the song
for themselves and having it mean something to them. I want people to be able to listen to this
music, gay, straight whatever the fuck, and take something out of it. The light bulb went off when I was in the
shower. I kind of raced out of the shower. I was like, “Oh fuck!” and I picked up a guitar
and I got the (humming) just recorded on my phone. Sat down with it and I was like, “Oh shit, this
is good.” I fucking hate it when dudes try to fuck me,
but I also absolutely adore when ladies try to chase me. And I was like, “Oh, that sentiment is pretty
sick.” I feel like a lot of women feel
that way. It’s an analogy, it’s a metaphor. The way that queer people had to hide their
love in history, throughout our history. Being a parallel to unrequited love, right? So, feeling like somebody’s being cold to
you in a public space and how that looks very similar to the way that people once couldn’t
be gay in public. I wanted to pay tribute to that point in history. The whole song’s about kind of being in love
with this idea of a person and being in love with a figure and turning the person that
you love into more of a shrine than an actual relationship. If you hold the person that you’re fucking,
loving, dating, whatever, up, you know, on that highest shelf… your adoration for them
becomes greater than the actual relationship. I love to play with religious imagery, because
it’s… Traditionally, I think, being gay and being
religious have been oil and water. You feel something so intensely for like a
week and then you’re like, “Wow that was wild.” “Remember when I was a crazy bitch like four
days ago?” “What the fuck was going on?” “Why was I screaming?” So I wrote this song definitely at a point
of like, having a full moment. It wasn’t forever. I don’t think anything’s forever. When I was writing that, I was writing it from the perspective of somebody who moved from New
York to LA. When I left New York, I was really angry at
New York. I feel like I was rejecting it in order to
not miss it. It’s about love and it’s about fear. It’s like, “Are you gonna fucking leave
me? Just want a, need a heads up, would be great,
ya know.” You use those feelings and you ride that wave
for as long as possible, and you try to get as much out of it. You like squeeze all the shit you can out
of it, so you can get the best material. I was definitely riding a wave of sadness
and heartbreak. The result of that was a body of work that
I feel encapsulates that whole time period of my life.

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