[King of masked singer] 복면가왕 – ‘lesser panda’ 2round – To get farther away 20180617

Man: It’s a ballad song you listen to while driving, it’s not that kind of song. (He mistook the song for another song) No way.. Ahh What do we do? We hurt each other We grow apart What do we do? More and more We are sadder We grow apart Perhaps for us it wasn’t love Could it have been obsession Perhaps for us it wasn’t love I guess it was greed [FLUTE SOLO] Woman: My heart is tearing apart (sad) Man: Wah.. I really like this.. Man: There’s vibration in his voice What do we do? We’re silent with each other We grow apart Perhaps for us it wasn’t love Could it have been obsession Perhaps for us it wasn’t love I guess it was greed Perhaps for us it wasn’t destiny Could it be just coincidence Maybe for us it wasn’t forever I guess we’re just until here… [Perhaps for us it wasn’t fate] Could it have been just coincidence [Maybe for us] Maybe for us… [It wasn’t forever] It wasn’t forever… I guess we’re just until here… I guess we’re just until here… Man: I like it


you need help with the title?
drifting apart / farther away by nell (producer of lean on me's forever and a day) keke

Ha Seong-woon! Why did he show up now?
They're cutting. Just …♡♡♡♡
I really liked the selection.
Your voice is so beautiful.
I would love to sing the drama OST.^^*The Undying Music Star!
사랑해 성운♡♡

he killedt it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i dont have to read the lyrics to make my heart feel pain, so much emotions :((((

When wanna one disband later, I hope you will find, establish, and have a great career as a singer or idol. No matter what it is, please keep singing. Please keep pouring your emotion into your voice

Music speaks everything
So does your voice
The fact that I dont understand Korean but I'm here crying by listening to your voice proves that your singing conveys a lot of emotion

You've done well Cloud oppa

even if i dont understand the lyrics i felt the song thru his voice alone wow i didnt know his vocals is this good
p.s. jimin didnt lie when he said sungwoon is a great vocalist

I loved him from produce when he perfomes with noh taehyung (forget that song) and keep my eyes on him until he debuted with wanna one. I just cant wait to see him comeback with hotshot!!!

Every wannable could recognize him quickly wen he sang the first note.. Gawwdd .. Sungwoons voice hold so much emotion and it just fills your heart leaving you wanting to hear it more. 💓💓

I dont even watch produce 101 or wanna one fans, but after watching this.. i’m becoming ha sungwoon fans.. his voice like can take you to cloud nine.. i recommend you to listen before you sleep.. 🌙🌙🌙

Sungwoon always sing with a heart he always put his emotions in singing and in the song so its really perfect to listen to! His voice is so smooth and good at the same time high❤❤💕💕

Although jaehwan and sungwoon are main vocalist of wanna one,but it seems that people know jaehwan a little more.but with me, i love the voice of sungwoon more,even most 😋.it’s touchable,feeling and so warm.he deserse more than now😋

Still feel so heart fluttering after thousands time listening to his voice. But not until now do I notice at 3:46 his red hair was revealed a bit, ahhhh, miss his red hair so much

for some reason, sungwoon reminds me of seungkwan of seventeen. they both sing with such color and they convey the message/emotion extremely well.

so sad that most of int fans/wannable still sleeping on him💔 KFANS REALLY DID A GOOD JOB FOR STANNING HIM AND FOR ALWAYS MAKE HIM TRENDING ON NAVER ❤

Hye.. I'm back.. I miss woonie voice… So, I'm glad that i come here again and listen on him.. Again and again… 😍💕

Ha Sungwoon is one of my most favorite vocalist in kpop..i love his voice so much..its so touching and full of emotions..he can sing wonderfully in all genre..overall he's amazing..

Sungwoon's voice so beautiful, full of emotions. I fell in love with him again 💙💙💙💙 my heart hurts its so gooood 😭

Our adorable cloud Ha Sungwoon💕 Wannables will support you FOREVER💝 It was glad to have an opportunity to listen to your precious voice💞

I was so proud on Sungwoon when I watch this during their promotion. But now that they disbanded it break my heart listening to this song and the the lyrics is so relatable 💔😢

His voice is so raw, so passionate… I'm genuinely crying… I can't wait for his solo debut.

Ha Sungwoon will forever be my bias. Hwaiting

That's incredible. The first time I listened to this song was 10 years ago, I was only 11-12 years. I can remember when I cried so hard after my first love ended and I listened that song. I would never imagine that SungWoon, one of my favorite singer in Kpop will sing this song… ❤️ Thank you for making me remember how beautiful this song was. I love you SUNGWOON !! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

His voice can calm you in a second ~
Such a melancholy to hear 😘😘
He always sing with his heart 💜

All wannaone member has an amazing vocal voice…. Handsome and talented… Wannaone is the best!!!!

nice, soft , elegant , amazing , lovely , beautiful voice
I cannot explain the feeling I have from his voice
please support him guys

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