Ken Tamplin – How To Sing Drift Away | Dobie Gray | Uncle Kracker

Hey guys welcome back again to Ken Tamplin
Vocal Academy. I’m going to do another tune that I’ve done a while back. I did little
snippets on it, and I was asked to do a full version of it, and it’s none other than
“Drift Away” by Dobie Gray. I know Cracker did a version, too. I’m going to do my version now, and it goes like this. Here we go. Okay. Yeah. You know, what I love about this
the most is that it’s not about belting. It’s not about notes. It’s about a great
song, and soul. And we talk a lot about technique, and yes, there’s a lot of that, and there’s
a lot of licks, and other things in here. For the most part, this whole thing is about
soul and feeling, and actually really, the lyrics just popping out of your heart,
just wearing them on your sleeve. So, if I were to commend anything to you guys, I love
technique, I love notes, I love distortion, I love grit, I love tone, I love blues and
soul, but this is where the rubber meets the road from a mediocre singer to great singer
when they can actually present a story like this and not feel like they have to go hog-wild in range and all that stuff. So, anyway, thank you for joining me. We’ve got more coming
your way. Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy.


Yet , Another Amazing Job done by you Ken on Vocals …..
I Love your YouTube Channel, and the many voice ranges you Hit so easily !
Now , I got one question , and I can't remember where I read it at ,
(Obviously , somewhere on the Internet)
Is it anywhere True that you where once Offered the Lead Singing Job , by the Band
Mötley Crüe , (when Vince Neil was not with the Band for that short period of Time )
And You Turned them Down ??
Like I said, you can't believe Half the Stuff you read of the Internet , but this one is Very Believable ,
With a Voice Like Yours,
Alls I can say is I can See Any Famous Band offering you their Lead Singer Spot !!!
So Fact Or Fiction Ken ?? 😎

Hey Ken,new student of yours here.  Loving the program.  Just started a few weeks ago and already see improvement.  I really like these "How to sing" uploads.  Lots of fun!  Erik

one day I will book you for a singing lesson want to be the best 'mullet'
 rock female singer of the Netherlands 😉

Ken….. this is the best version on Youtube …..its Magic brother….and that 528 hz…oh yeah…..thats what am talkin' about……!!!!

Hey Ken 🙂 awesome work as always! I was thinking about John Bush (of Armored Saint) and i now hope you can cover an Armored Saint tune like Isolation! Very ballady but his singing is so powerful in that song..maybe we can listen to your version if you want 🙂

Hey Ken great video! I was wondering if you would consider making a how to sing vid for Devin Townsend. Keep on rockin'!

You know it's a great cover when you accidentally get distracted and click on another tab to continue browsing the web. Great singing Ken.

Wow. I seriously can't wait to get the vocal course, being able to sing a tenth as well as Ken would be amazing.

You have a very girthy sound and it sounds very trained. That is obvious since you are ken tamplin but it was nice adressing it as if I just heard you 🙂

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