The song is a F**KING BANGER 🔥🔥. I can’t believe B.M, whose my bias, produced this song 😶😶. It’s SO GOOD LIKE WHAT THE HECK 😱😱?!

Not to be that person but what if the reason they make it so fast is bc they are part of the company and know the comebacks before we do so they make it before hand just kidding……..unless 👀👀

When I'm listening to this, I hear 'JJ, yeah' instead of 'J.Seph' and for the first time it made me laugh because my initials are JJ XD

Next time some dipsh!t tries to tell me that all Korean men are girly, I'll shove Taehyung and Matthew to their faces

Bruh jiwoo owned this era (same as the other members)soo much and i just figured out that Bm produced this song. We stan a talented group.

this whole time i thought (hoped?) that 'dumb litty' was word play on a korean slang that had some double meaning to it.
but nope. it's dumb litty.

This is my first time listening to KARD and i gotta say they are really good actually great bro, i really love Jiwoo and BM's voices (it's the taste i have for rappers)

I wanna share the accomplishment that maybe other than Dramarama, I've successfully gotten at least a chorus and a prechorus completely down with lyrics. Thank you KARD.

I hated the song when ı first listened it then ı listened it for tur second time and ı loved it sooo much there was no in between jdkdkfkf

People's do IT fast Because the song is already leaked or already uploaded on spotify, iTunes.. etc they write the lyrics Down AND boom Done

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