KARAOKE CHALLENGE PART 5 | KindaTV ft. Natasha Negovanlis

Hey KindaTV viewers, it’s your friendly neighbourhood Natasha and welcome to another edition of Nat Kinda Sings. We’ve done one before, so you can check parts 1 and 2 of that out. So, here are the rules of this Karaoke Challenge. I tweeted out to you to send me suggestions of songs that I should sing. And I’m gonna sing them for you, but there’s a catch: I’m not allowed to look at the lyrics. If I make it through the first half of the song without fumbling up the words, then I get a point. But if I mess up, you get a point and at the end of this video, if you have more points than me, I get humiliated. Last time I got a pie in the face. So, I’m gonna try to not lose this one. I love whoever suggested this song, because it’s very nostalgic for me. Yeah! Booh yeah! Got it! Yeah. [singing] I know that.. Can you imagine if part of my challenge was to do the all clappy cup thing? Ha-ha, I would lose for sure. Shit! Shit! I forgot the words. Poop! More music theatre, mmh.. Mmh.. Oh shit, that’s where I’m supposed to come in. Take two, you never saw that. But I used to play this with a capo, so it was in a better key for me. Okay. Okey-dokey. I’m embarrassed that I know the words to this. Can I just mess this up on purpose, so people don’t know? Oh my God, I can’t believe this. I hate myself so much. Okay. I gotta go listen to some punk rock now. Sorry, see ya.


Rewatching this and I just keep falling in love even more…💕Natasha needs to make her Own Channel and just do full covers of these songs because why not

yea well, her eyes, maybe she was sick, but I think she was just sad at first, specially after the songs wherever you will go and say something. I think they're together again. She looks so happy now

I love her voice and these vids are great what I would love to see is her and EB battle it out the winner gets to smash a pie in the others face

Heard "A Thousand Miles" a total of 4 times today completely coincidentally and it made me think of this video. Natasha makes the kinda nostalgic song sound so much better though. 🙂

OH MY GOSH OH MY GOSH OH MY GOSH. Natasha singing my favourite musical (The Sound of Music) so perfectly! This definitely made my day

The sound of music is my grandmother and my favorite song and hearing Natasha sing it actually brought tears to my eyes

Can someone please tell her I'm so in love with her??
Her voice is… incredible, and when she sings, it's so… charismatic. I'm blown away. :')

what the fuck is your voice????😍😍😍😍 kill me!! how many talents do you haveeee. i love youu

Natasha is a dope shess amazing…ellise where r u?pls come and sing along together with natasha..😍😍😍😍😍

Everyone who loves Natasha and Elise and Carmilla oh and also wynonna Earp and wayhaught checkout my instagram @creampuffs_wayhaught

I'm literally new to this whole carmilla-hollstein fandom and I can't believe why I haven't discovered them sooner!

Natasha singing specially broadway songs is just HEAVEN!!

Not to be on my musical theatre nonsense but like I Would Pay Money to see Natasha play Christine Daae

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