K-pop Stars React To Try Not To Sing Along Challenge (PENTAGON 펜타곤)

– (speaking Korean) – ♪ (Korean singing) ♪ – (FBE) Pentagon
in the house. – (cheering) – (FBE) Today, you’re all
gonna be participating in a try not to sing
or dance challenge. – Ah, not easy.
I have energy. – (FBE) So, here are the rules.
While the video is playing, there’s no singing,
no dancing or moving to the beat and no
lip singing. – (speaking Korean)
How about this? (FBE) All right,
I’ll allow that. – It’s hard for us,
’cause we’re musicians. – (speaking Korean) – I have confidence.
(speaking Korean) – (FBE) So before we start,
put on the headphones. – Let’s do it. – (speaking Korean)
– Relaxing before video. Okay, I’m ready. ♪ Dramama ramama ramama, hey ♪
– Ah. – MONSTA X – (speaking Korean)
– (speaking Korean) – (speaking Korean)
– (speaking Korean) ♪ (Korean singing) ♪
– Ah, yeah. – (speaking Korean) – I really, really like this song. – (speaking Korean) – (speaking Korean) – (speaking Korean) ♪ (Korean singing) ♪ – No! – This is not fair. ♪ (Korean singing) ♪ – Ay. – Let’s go. ♪ (Korean singing) ♪ – (speaking Korean) – (speaking Korean) – ♪ (Korean singing) ♪ – (speaking Korean) – ♪ (Korean singing) ♪ – (speaking Korean)
– ♪ Everybody knows ♪ – ♪ Listen to my heart ♪ – ♪ Like you, like you ♪
– ♪ (Korean singing) ♪ – Good song.
– Thank you. – Thank you very much. – (speaking Korean) – When I made this song,
I made really fast. Two day, three day,
I finished this song. ♪ Drop top Porsche ♪ – Oh, oh my God.
– Yeah. – (speaking Korean) – Ugh. – (speaking Korean) – (speaking Korean) ♪ We’ll turn heads forever ♪
– Whoo. – (FBE) You’re already out.
– Ah, already out? ♪ When I’m walking with you
I watch the whole room change ♪ – Ah, yeah.
– (speaking Korean) – They’re so crazy.
– Uh-huh. – Last year, I covered
this song on YouTube, so… ♪ When I’m walking with you
I watch the whole room change ♪ – Yeah, it’s hard, – (speaking Korean) ♪ Out here dripping in finesse ♪ – ♪ You know it
You know it ♪ – Ah.
Almost got me. – This is not a challenge.
This is a party. – (speaking Korean) ♪ (Korean singing) ♪ – (speaking Korean) – (speaking Korean) ♪ (Korean singing) ♪ – (FBE) I saw that. – (speaking Korean) – Umpah Umpah. – Whoo! – (speaking Korean) – Ah.
– (speaking Korean) – I don’t know why I
move my neck. (speaking Korean) ♪ I said no ♪ – (speaking Korean) – ♪ (humming) ♪
– His favorite artist of him. ♪ Girls breaking hearts ♪ – (FBE) You’re moving
a little bit. – Ah.
(speaking Korean) – (speaking Korean) ♪ They’re just girls
They’re just girls ♪ – (speaking Korean) – (speaking Korean) – (FBE) So, Shinwon,
we know you’re a huge fan of the 1975 with the band’s
Matt Healy even posting this picture of you
wearing the 1975 merch. Can you talk about how
you felt when he did that? – (speaking Korean)
When I see the picture, I think, it’s me?
It’s real? (speaking Korean) – (FBE) Okay guys,
I have one more song for you. – Yeah.
– Please, please easy. – (FBE) Next one easy?
– Yeah. ♪ (Korean singing) ♪ – This is our new song. – Our hair looks good.
– (speaking Korean) – My part. – I like this scene when
Shinwon wakes up and his face is a bit
like if he just woke up. – (speaking Korean) ♪ (Korean singing) ♪ – ♪ (Korean singing) ♪ ♪ (Korean singing) ♪ – (speaking Korean) – ♪ (Korean singing) ♪
– (speaking Korean) – We couldn’t make it. – (speaking Korean) Super cute song. – (FBE) So, more than half
of you guys have played a part in producing
your own albums and all of you have experience
in writing lyrics, so can you talk us
through this process for you and how it plays into
the success of your group? – (speaking Korean) – (speaking Korean) – (speaking Korean) – (FBE) So, how hard
was this challenge for you guys today?
– It is too hard for me. – Some was hard,
but it was challenging because we’ve never done this
kind of thing before. Usually, when you listen to
music with your earphones on, you just leave your body to it. – (speaking Korean) – Okay, FBE.
Thank you for having us in this episode
and to see more, please don’t miss Pentagon,
’cause Pentagon is having a world tour right now.
You can check it out on Twitter or Instagram or our
official website. Thank you.
– Thank you! – Whoo!


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The way Hui teased Jinho is adorable! The trio Wooseok Yuto and Hongseok can't holding any longer, they react for almost every song. The other trio Kino Shinwon and Changgu is the calmest. LOL. I love them! Stan talent, stan PENTAGON!

P.S Jinho looks so cute when he started talk ㅋㅋㅋ

JinHo hablando inglés es la cosita más tierna que vi en mi vida 💖 igual que Hui 💕💕
son todos re tiernos, los amo ah 😘❤️💕

Pentagon! They are underrated, but there's always so much creativity and dorkiness in their music videos! I suggest! They will grow on you! :3

Finally we get a pentagon and Hyojong in one screen even if it’s just through a computer

They are so so so cuties the deserve more love and attention than now i love they songs are so cute and loveliest ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Pentagon fighting 😁💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽

As someone whose seen them less than an arms length away (thank you kcon 2018) I can guarantee that they are so dang handsome in person. Yuto is flawless, he was standing right in front me on stage and Im pretty sure I was drooling.

Not a huge fan of k-pop and never understood the obsession but I recently heard gurenge by LiSA which is demon slayers opening and now I’m obsessed with LiSA. I understand it now

I really love Pentagon. They are super cute. Love Yuto best.

Me: Sees shine
Mind: Don't do it
Me: shoot dance Jjijiri Jjijiri

Me: Sees Humph
Mind: Noo
Me: Jeobgeungeumjiya ijen jeobgeungeumjiya

MY BOYS <3 I just saw their concert last month in California and they were spectacular ~ They are in my top 5 favorite kpop groups for sure. Thanks for having them on react, theyre so funny and charming in person

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