Joan Jett Live Reaction Mashup – Vocal Coach Ken Tamplin

Hey guys welcome back again to Ken
Tamplin Vocal Academy where the proof is in the singing. I couldn’t wait to do a reaction to this it’s none other than Joan Jett. Now Joan Jett was actually from a band called The Runaways and she had a tremendous career
on her own. Other people that came from that band were Lita Ford and you
probably remember her “If I Close My Eyes Forever” with Ozzy Osbourne and then
Cherie Currie she actually did “Cherry Bomb” you probably member that song back
in The Runaways. Joan Jett.. actually I have a student named Sara Loera that did
Cherie Currie’s version of “Cherry Bomb” and then I have another student named
Kati Cher who did a version of “I Hate Myself For Loving You” so we picked
a couple of these different tunes. Now this has been edited together from a
friend of mine but I haven’t seen it yet. So I have seen Joan a few times but I’ve
not seen this footage so with that said let’s rock to Joan Jett and the
Blackhearts. Here we go if I could just find my play button there it is. Wow she’s sporting some short blonde hair. I had to stop a minute to see if that
was her. I’m like was that Joan. I didn’t realize.. I know she there was a period
that she did that maybe she still has short blonde hair and I don’t know it
but there we go. whoops. Ok a couple little footnotes here. First of
all Joan’s been doing this a long time and she’s still out there rocking it.
That’s awesome. I think she’s gonna be doing a tour with Heart here pretty soon
if that tour hasn’t already commenced and I’m not sure when this video will
release but anyway so now let’s remember you know there’s a lot of chicks that
came out later to do this but Joan and again you know all of the different
people that I mentioned but including Anne Wilson and of course Janis Joplin
and whatnot Lita Ford and Cherie Currie. All these girls did it first right.. Suzi
Quatro. I mean these these guys were on the front lines and they were holding
the baton and setting you know trailblazing this kind of thing. I love
that her kind of tone in her voice also. So you know they’re way before any of
the you know other girl bands that came along like the Bangles and you know
whatnot but these guys did it first so let’s keep that in mind when we’re
watching this. That this we are looking at someone that made history doing this. That’s a cool lick too it kind of reminds me of The Knack (sings) and you know it’s kind of interesting too like a lot of the 80’s
bands later, came along and had those really kind of you know lazy but big fat
you know guitar-driven rhythm so guitar rhythms like that to set up choruses
for stuff here we go. woops. What a bada$& man. He’s just like. Okay I know I keep stopping but I have to say this. It’s so refreshing to just hear a live band. No tracks, live music, solos that you
could take with improvisation where you have not have to worry about you know do the
background vocals come in, is there a track. The tempos can change depending on
energy. You know so you’re looking at kind of a dying breed, I’m gonna go
through some other bands too that are all live where everyone in the band
sings maybe not in this case you know whatever but you know just this great
live energy I just miss where bands just aren’t doing that anymore. I am
seeing bands like Greta Van Fleet some others that are coming out they’re just
great rock bands which is great but man I remember you know seeing bands like
Aerosmith growing up and going what is just great rock band, Led Zeppelin you
know all those AC/DC you know bands that were just man three instruments, four
instruments or whatever just throwing down and creating a wall of sound
without a bunch of you know tricks going on behind the scenes okay here we go. Good spot-on vocals. Oh cool here we go. Sara Loera did a great job on this, I like her version. Now you gotta ask yourself is that
outfit latex hot to wear on stage. I remember
doing a lot of shows and I mean you’d be wearing full leather, full leather jacket,
sunglasses, lights on stage would be one hundred and ten fifteen hundred and
twenty degrees, they’d blow that stupid linseed smoke in all over the place. You
can’t even breathe and you know she’s sporting some latex. I remember man the clothes not breathing and just just drenched in sweat. So
anyway in fact I remember a time you guys out there might appreciate this. One
time I came on stage and I was so sick I could hardly get on stage it was in
Brussels Belgium and I had this big black leather outfi,t leather jacket on
and I sucked down three large liters not quarts liters in Europe of
freshly squeezed orange juice and I sweat out so much within about the first
60 minutes or so of the set, we did 90 minutes sets, that I was no longer sick. It
was really interesting, it was one of the health things that I learned along the
way. Yeah you can get rid of a cold and flu like that by working out and
sweating it out with a lot of vitamin C so it’s kind of interesting so I know
for you singers out there. Here we go. Look how low her guitar is man. That’s cool. It’s hard to play guitar that low. Cool alright. Let’s check this out here so we’re gonna do “I Love Rock and Roll” and she’s back with the blonde hair. And I wonder it must be from the same show or around the same era or something. By the way that’s such a signature like (sounds) right. It’s cool. You got to help me sing the chorus on
this one guys it’s coming up. Here we go. Okay I haven’t done a vocal version of
this song yet I did vocal versions of the other two with Kati Cher and
Sara Loera but either I’m gonna do a version of this or I’m gonna get one of my
girls to do a version of this but I gotta do this song too so it’s criminal
that I haven’t done that yet anyway. I like Weird Al Yankovic’s version of this (sings). The ice cream. Here we go. Why does stuff like that lodge in your brain. I don’t know. Now you’re not gonna forget it. Cool. That was awesome. Okay so again just a true legend and still out there killing it to this day and again a true pioneer. Someone that set the precedent of you know a female rock for sure but also just you
know pioneering the way for other chicks to come along and do the same okay
anyway thank you for joining I have a singing course called How to Sing Better
Than Anyone Else and I walk you guys through this stuff step by step on how
to get these different kinds of sounds, different textures of your voice and
whatnot, stamina, how not to lose your voice very important but anyway that
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come out. Okay thanks guys peace out.


She is so amazing , I remember her being the only rock singer and actress, staring in a rock movie with Michael J Fox Called Light of Day , it was great in the late 80s.

Hi Coach! Great post! I got to get the DvDs. You know, I was in bad shape 2015 looking at my demise ,ha ha. I had made a statement in 1974 that I would take a secret to my grave😲. But it's about the human vocal range. A pretty soprano sang below bass cleft,like the southern quartet bassist. Now escaping death!Hey women are equal. So I don't mind singing with Altos ! Its good fun! Thankful ,Ken! Rock on

Halestorm live, plug in and play.
Lzzy live is better than the albums

I know you've already reacted to Lzzy Hale.
So let me see just suggest Pretty Reckless, Taylor Momsen vocals awesome.

I've had a crush on Joan Jett since I was a kid. One of the best rock vocal timbres ever, and the way she flashes her eyes at the camera in the "Crimson and Clover" video make me blush like a school boy every single time!

Joan Jett is a Icon has a great voice and still looks Amazing . I love to see her do a song with Lizzy Hale from hailstorm that would Rocks

I totally second what you mentioned about hearing live bands. I agree because nowadays, it seems like most performers don’t even have bands and it’s just them and a bunch of background vocals. Hopefully we can get back to that natural feeling of raw, live musicians/bands again to some extent in this era.

I took my daughter to Joan Jett concert you're referring to in Dallas.
Joan Jett killed it of course
And my daughter became another Joan Jett fan.

Joan Yet was a grandfull Rocksinger in my youth i havend a Girlfrind she looks like joan jet im not beloved in Web i give a shit ! Habe sie Rekords of Her in my cabinet sorry for konfusion of my coment its not possible for my phone to take a Borderline Between 2 languishes ! Joan jet was a superior girlsinger in 80 years gerät Artist she ist indeet This phone Must be born of a ashole ! My mood is not Good joan jet was a Very Talent wife

I DO love rock n roll. The problem is that I can't sing it 🙁 . I'd love to listen to your version Ken! Good video. Cheers!

Thanks to you Ken joan jet was awaysome ! But End right now ( susi puatro is giving conzerts in my hometown on Kroneberg i got no conzentration ! And Handy sicks sleep Well so good it will ! Mein Handy ist wirklich scheisse egal 👍👋

Great commentary as always, Ken. Love Joan's "OW!" in her songs too. The thing I loved about Zeppelin especially, is they created these great records, but then it was just the four of them when they played live which forced them to do it differently. So, maybe you got a version of a song that wasn't heard again. Other bands did that too – REM, Cheap Trick for example – but many if they still tour have extra musicians. That's OK, because they're still playing it live.

Ken, thanks for kicking it old school with the legendary Joan Jett. Joan's music and performances show the young artists how it's supposed to be done. Joan personifies rock n' roll. Ken, please do a vocal coach reaction to Brian Setzer, who much like you has cattitude and cat class and cat style. We can all have cat class and cat style by visiting our local animal shelter and adopting a cat and giving him or her a great home. Thanks for another great video. Keep Rocking!

She’s awesome and came to Roanoke Virginia August 30, 2016… won’t ever forget it because I was at a nursing interview after just graduating from RN school and I was late. This woman still has everything she had in the 1980s and then some!!❤️

She’s awesome and came to Roanoke Virginia August 30, 2016… won’t ever forget it because I was at a nursing interview after just graduating from RN school and I was late. This woman still has everything she had in the 1980s and then some!!❤️

It would be cool to see a student at the start and then at the end of their time with you!

Kind of hear this song in Janet Jackson's Black Cat.

Man…you seem to love music as much as me! The difference is I stink at singing but your videos have made my karaoke almost tolerable 😉

joan jett was my furst love. i love rock 'n'roll was my first rock song that hust drove me buts as a 6 year old kid bouncing around the house airguitaring with a broomstick. and now im on tour with ozzy!!!

I saw a brief appearance she made with Trans Siberian Orchestra within the last few years and was impressed how on point her vocals and performance are after all these years. Definitely a vocal/performing/instrumental inspiration for me.

And yes, criminal of you. I look forward to your cover!

Got to agree, I do like the big production stuff, but overall I like just raw, live stuff. I like it when a voice cracks a little or they go a little off script.

Hate the rock feuds…wish Joan and Lita could perform together one more time for us old folks😉
Fantastic Reaction Ken,
Love her version of crimson and clover🤘

Btw, the wardrobe is on point 💪

stage command, has the IT factor. Love the fact her band and Heart are touring together. Must be one helluva show they put on. She's so genuine with her lyrics and how she presents them and herself. She doesn't try to be anything other than herself. Her secret is,in my opinion, she owns it. Her first band the runaways were all like that. Can't wait for one of your girls to do I love Rock and roll. Miki Black would be A PERFECT choice to do this ken!! PLEASE!! lol… She has the persona and the talent to make it work.

Man, I majorly crushed on Suzi Quatro's Leather Tuscadero character on Happy Days. I recently realized that I have a soft spot for female singers. Especially the small and petite type.

Joan Jett… that's awesome! Great reaction! Here's my side note… In the late 70s when I was 17, I was at the mall with my mom and I had bought the latest Creem magazine at the record store. The Runaways were playing in town that night. As we were walking through the mall my mom asked me if I knew this group of girls that were following us. I had heard them talking. I said, No… they think I'm Jackie Fox from the Runaways.

Joan Jett is a true rock icon🤘🏻🔥🤘🏻💀🤘🏻🔥🤘🏻 I wonder if she's a vampire 🤔 she hasn't aged a bit, and looks and sounds amazing. Also love the shirt Ken…only black guys and 80's rockers can pull off that style🤙🏻🤙🏻

Hey Kenny you should get the girls to do Joan Jett and for fun you do Weird Al's version. Lol I love Rocky Roadd. Joan was another favorite growing up.

That's a fun reaction. However, since you mentioned Weird Al, could you do a vocal analysis on him? Hear me out, most people only know his hit parodies, often singing in a funny voice, but his best works are his style parodies and originals. He changes his singing to suit the song. Listen to his live vocals on Jackson Park Express (in the style of Cat Stevens), Germs (style of NIN), CNR (style of White Stripes), Craigslist ( style of Doors, Ray Manzarek played keyboards on studio version), One More Minute (style DooWop), My Baby's in Love With Eddie Vedder (zydeco), or You Don't Love Me Anymore (ballad, there's an NPR Tiny Desk Concert version). I prefer you do the last one, but any are good to show his versatility as a singer/performer for over 40 years.

Ken speaking of my Sharon’s, do you remember a band named “the kings”? Kinda punk rock/ new wave? …hey little Donna, I still wanna..etc, etc, etc,….

in all honesty, Suzi Quatro was doing it before Joan and or The Runaways… and I'm the drummer, no leather for me, I was shorts only at times just my undies..

Ken, my suggestion is to have Kati Cher do the song "I Love Rock N' Roll. I think she has the vocals for it. Also i just look forward to you showcasing Kati in song. She is one of my favorites you have. Oops that makes my suggestion coming from a bias standpoint. Anyway whoever you choose to do the song it will be killer. Thank you.

Hey Ken, can you do Hot Blooded by Foreigner? It would be great if you analyzed and did the live version at the Rainbow 78. And explain how he's stretching out the phrasing and singing behind the beat. And explain why he's doing it – if theres a reason – like maybe he's pushing it because of the monitors and volume back then? If thats even why he' singing it that way. I mean I would think its a board mix? Nevertheless its Great and I know you'd sound Unbelievable with that phrased version.

Thanks again Ken Your videos are great and so are your teaching methods.

I enjoy seeing you enjoy the music, and I do find your additional comments interesting. Thanks for these and keep them coming! 🤘

I love Joan Jett. Another gal who just sang and did it so well. I agree about bands that don't rely on backing tracks. Hanson is my favorite band, followed by Foo fighters, and both rock at doing live music at concerts. Including all kinds of great musicianship. Foo fighters is well known for this, Hanson gets laughed off by the majority of people because they don't realize they've never stopped making music.

I went to see Joan Jett a month or so ago, she has black short hair now. It was the best concert I ever went too, I shook her hand after the show. It was AWESOME! 🙂

Daaaaamm pls HELP ME!!!! I JUST GOT A VOCAL BLEEDING and i have to sing over 3 weeks…. God… Im so stupid….
I dont think that is a vocal bleeding.. I think that im fine .. I spilled blood and i was scared.

You keep of saying how cool she is – i agree she is awesome- but you don't say much about her singing which is, in all honesty, not that great.

LOL! I will never look at "Rocky Road" ice cream the same way! Thank you for yet another fun, informative and great video!

could you pls react to a german metal band pls like Rammstein, Xandria, Sodom, Blind Guardian (yeah, their are germans XD), Kreator, Accept, Helloween

She is an amazing woman with a really strong voice full of enrgy. She is 61 years old and looks more attractive than before.
I like her attitude and your reaction, ken!!

Hey ken. Bought your course and just started to sing. I've never been this discouraged in my life. I hate my voice and everything about it. Can play every instrument in the book since I was young. But now I'm trying my hand at singing. This is nothing like I've ever done before.

Hey Ken super random but would love to see your thoughts on a Russian singer specifically the song in the link, language barrier aside great singing has no boundaries

One of my favorite lives songs is CREEP from Radiohead he holds the note so long would you be able to critique it that would be fun thanks Susie

JJ kicks sooo much ASS!!! One of the first records I bought on 45rpm vinyl was 'I Love Rock and Roll' … what a track!!! Amazing … thanks so much for this amazing review!!! 👊

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