Jo Lawry – Word Painting for Singers

Today, I’d like to talk to you about interpreting
a lyric, and I’m going to talk to you about a particular set of tools, and an approach
that some people refer to as “word painting”. It’s singing a word in such a way that it
sounds like the meaning of the word. I could just sing (singing). But that doesn’t sound really like I’m kind
of, trying terribly hard to hide the love, but if I sing to you (singing). That starts to kind of make you think about
the fact that, oh this love is a secret. Why is it a secret? Instead of singing (singing). I would rather sing (singing). I’ll raise my larynx, which will make my vocal
tract shorter, which will make me sound like a smaller person, for example, a child. Instead of (singing). If I raise my larynx a little bit (singing). Instead of (singing). My larynx is really in a neutral position,
but if I drop it, it’s going to sound so much sadder (singing). Even the way that you apply your diction,
can paint the words (singing). That (k sound), we hear the moment that the
heart breaks. Let the lyrics and the words be the driving
force behind the choices that you make. Tonally, musically, and just in your general
interpretation of the song.

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