Jenny Slate Is Obsessed with Wedding Videos of Brides Singing to Grooms

-I imagine one
of the fears was — ’cause, obviously, like,
people were gonna film it — like, this might
be one of those — It could live on
in the Internet. Like, you also
have that pressure. -That’s right.
We’re in the future now. -Yeah, right.
-And everything is computer. -Yes.
-You know, and computer rules. So, I was like — Okay. There’s two things I’m obsessed
with on the Internet that are, like,
painful for others but I can’t stop watching them. One is —
[ Chuckles ] Sorry.
[ Laughter ] I can’t even think about it
without laughing. Failed productions
of local Peter Pans. -Yeah.
-[ Chuckles ] Where someone backstage
pulls the wrong rope and just, like, Wendy gets
ripped out of her bed. -[ Laughs ]
-Truly bad karma, but I can’t stop watching it, and there really is one
where Wendy gets ripped out, and then she is,
like, in character, and she’s like, “Oooh!” [ Laughter ]
And, like, goes back to bed. But, anyway,
then there’s this other thing that I’m obsessed with,
which is brides that sing original songs to their grooms. -Uh-huh. Oh, wow. -Because it’s like
a one-on-one thing, and there’s one video
where it’s a bride. She goes down the stairs,
and she sings a song. It, like, actually
hurts me to remember it, but I am addicted to it. And she’s like… ♪ Mm, Kevin, we are getting
married to each other ♪ ♪ Right now! ♪ And he’s like… [ Laughter ] And he — [ Laughs ] He has to stand there
and be like, “Yes, baby. You are the best singer.
You are so beautiful.” And she’s like,
♪ Our parents are there ♪ ♪ Judy and Bill,
and there is my aunt ♪ You know, it’s just
like whatever, -[ Laughs ] -So you — -I don’t want to
just be in her face being like, “You are
graduating today.” You know? So, I had to play it real cool. -I have written a song called
“First in Your Class”. -Yeah. That would have been a cool leap if I had made it
a musical number and not told her…
-Yeah. -…and just shown up
on that island. It was in a tiny church. and just been like,
“And a one and a two…” [ Laughs ]
-‘Cause I will say, My biggest fear in life
is someone singing a song directly to me.
-Oh, yeah. -That is the worst thing
in the world. -Ugh! I can’t imagine it. I mean, I guess that’s why
I watch that on the Internet, all the time, just to, like, condition myself in case I’m just
in my house one day, and someone’s like,
♪ We’re in the kitchen ♪ I’m just like, “Aaaah!
I don’t want it. I don’t want it.” -So, this is your… -[ Laughs ]
-Congratulations. That’s so awesome.
-Thank you. It was okay. It was great.
-There is a photo, too. This is in the Vineyard Gazette. -[ Chuckling ] Yeah.
-A newspaper that I’ve — I’ve read the Vineyard Gazette. -Yeah?
Do you remember last year — Now we’re a little off topic, but they had a story
about how a bird called the blue-footed booby, like,
landed on someone’s boat, and it made the newspaper. -Yeah.
-You know? That’s what’s going on. -My father-in-law had
a pet goat that died, and it got on obituary, like,
longer than a president’s. [ Laughter ] They, like, interviewed other
people in, like, rememb– Like, “What did you
think of Raisin?” They’re like, “Well,
you know, he’s like… He was like most goats,
but I guess we’ll miss him.” -Oh, man. I’m super sorry to hear
about the goat, though. -Thank you.
-[ Chuckles ] -It was weird when he died
that I didn’t hear from you. -Yeah, yeah.
I don’t know. I have a really bad personality. -So, this was in
the Vineyard Gazette. -Yeah, yeah, yeah.
-You and Gwen. Are you happy with the photo? -Look, Gwen looks great. I want to go on record.
Gwen, you look great. My feeling about this photo — and I can’t believe I’m gonna
do this on television — but another fear of mine,
besides brides with microphones, is this thing that
one of my friends calls “adult head spread.”
-[ Laughs ] Okay. -I call it pumpkin head. It’s this feeling that
once you get into adulthood, your head becomes,
like, a lot bigger — like, you just can’t control it. Like, you just get
adult head spread. And I saw that in the newspaper, and I was like,
“What is this year of me finding stuff out
in the newspaper that’s, like, terrible.” And I just think it might be
the start of head spread. -Yeah.
[ Laughter ] -And I’m also like,
you know… “Did I really need to wear
a big chunky sweater?” But that’s for another show.
-It does feel like local — -It feels like a local girl meets an out-of-towner
afraid of ticks. -Yeah, that’s right. That’s what it was.
That’s what it was. -This is your second time
playing in… “The Secret Life of Pets 2”
-Yes. -This is a very pampered dog.
I think you can tell. -Yes, Gidget. -Are you pampered in real life?
-You know what? I’m not pampered at all.
-Really? -And I was saying —
I was hoping just before I came here
to just even get, like, a lip wax.
[ Laughter ] Like, I’m out of
the mani-pedi game. It’s over.
-Really? Fully out? -Yeah, I’m just really… [ Laughter ] Wild and free.
-Yeah. -Yeah.
-You’re with the ticks now. You’re running
with the ticks now. -Yeah. Oh, yeah. I live on a peninsula with my boyfriend
in Massachusetts, and we just, like,
check each other for ticks. That’s my chosen life. I like it.
-Thanks so much for coming back.


I left this video to try and watch brides singing to their grooms and I couldn't do it. It was too painful

Omg found a bride singing and it hurts so much to watch. I can't make it through…

All the bride singing videos are either good enough that I can't hate or bad enough that it makes me too sad to laugh.

I love Seth's genuine joy. Also, his worst fear is to have someone sing directly to him—but now he's sung solo directly to both Kelly and Rihanna… She literally turns a portion of her wedding into a fucking piano cocktail bar solo performance. SO cringe.

The videos of brides singing as they walk down the aisle kill me. I have seen it twice in real life and it’s like a train wreck 😂😂😂

She is 100% adorable… her sweet voice is just darling… and when I see and here her all I see if gidget…

Cuteness overload

I was in a relationship that went downhill after the… serenade. Is that really a thing? People not liking being to be sung to?

This video being separated from the first part of this interview was to me like walking into Memento 45 minutes in. So confusing.

There’s a comic in LA does this exact bit about brides singing themselves down the aisle and it’s a bummer to see Jenny Slate jack it from her.

I LOVE when Jenny Slate is on the show, hell, ANY interview really. She's so wonderfully weird and HILARIOUS!!! The two of them together is perfection.

#AdultHeadSpread is real…I literally feel like I am morphing into Jigsaw in every photo I see of myself.

My favorite thing I ever heard from NPR was Ira Glass and a guest dissecting what really makes a fiasco a “fiasco” and using the guy’s real failed production of Peter Pan as an example, and it’s the funniest thing ever

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