Jennifer Lopez Carpool Karaoke


Jennifer is so down to earth and fun! When she sang in spanish and freaks James out was beautiful and hilarious🤣🤣😂😂 I got the chills! Both of them are beautiful 💋💋

From Jerrod Bridgewater in Shreveport, Louisiana, by the Lake…I've watched Jennifer Lopez several times in this Carpool Karaoke video : J Lo is so Cool ! More specifically, Jenny from the B is Carpool Cool !

This was amazing! I fell in love with JLo and they made me laugh! Thank you for reminding me that not all of Hollywood is lost.

I was 13 when i first heard about JLo. My older girl cousin had a Cd of hers. I used to sneak in her room and play it and write down the lyrics of her song "love dont cost a thing". That went on for a while before i realized that it comes with little booklet lyrics🤦‍♀️.

I dont know what people are saying about her having bad vocals. She has a great voice. She just happens to make more upbeat songs than most

That fat pig is the last person to be judging anyone for how they look or their car… what a twat to pick on a couple of young guys that work hard for their money and just want to enjoy a ride in their car!

I can never get enough of this vid..!! I've been watching it for years now but everytime I watch it I feel and enjoy like I'm listening it for the first time..!! Jlo is a real queen..!!💖

This was so funny. Who cares how old she is she has a great attitude. Most people would get angry if someone took your phone and sent a message to someone on there phone like that. Lol, She does seem like a Jenny from the block. Humble

I can't believe people actually make the effort to thumbs down something like this! Anyway, this is the best one I've ever seen. She's a Goddess and had me laughing the entire time! It was so fun!

JC and JLO – what can you say??? I love James Corden – he's one of the most talented guys = in show business. He could literally do an album/cd with anyone!

Wow jlo you are a awsome person love all that you do your video you personal life with your living coconuts an jrob.been watching all you do from Jenny from the block Selena and much more luv you god bless u would luv too meet you some day I. Person🎤🎤🎤🎶🎶🎶😍😍😍😊🤳

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