James Arthur – Quite Miss Home (Lyrics)

I’m in the kitchen while you smoke our son needs your careful not to let the smoke Inside I always tell you it’s poison But I’ll know it helps you take the ends of the day. We gotta trip before it’s closed in Sun the water hot sleep with the plane get side all of these memories feel poignant I Won’t be there to see the snow Oh Yeah, I’ve been gone a business I Gotta make some money I really feel the distance And I cried miss or Miss you’re telling me Sylia my shoes at the doctor’s you just swept The dirt drives you crazy Your cravings home He feels that poetry The window The TV err Cuevas Their claim is I’ll smell you cooking from the Living room and then I’ll tell you that. I love your food. I know it doesn’t come easy but you know it reminds me where I’m in another city. I Got nobody with me And I just really hit me Their equipment Me She was at the door During tried Poetry first down As home Gravis Oh You’re telling me Can you turn Tray Is her Oh criminy You

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