Item review – SIBORIE MC-919A Microphone

Hi everyone! Thank you for joining me
to a new video by “Original Video Reviews” I’m the OVR guy And as you can see
We have here a new package As always
we’re going to find out TOGETHER What’s inside
and how to use this thing So let’s not waste any time Let me grab the Swiss knife Here is the Swiss knife And we’re going to
Un-package it! Well boys and girls What we have here
is the SIBORIE MC-919A USB microphone There isn’t a user manual for this device As the instructions appear
at the back of the package Which included
the microphone itself a USB to micro-USB cable
to charge it a micro-USB to 3.5 mm cable to plug it
to the device you’ll be using it with a 3.5 mm extension cable a pair of earphones And the kind seller also added
a wind protector Let’s take a closer look
at the microphone It’s quite a small microphone
that is made from plastic And weighs 85 grams
so it is very light The built quality is good And it doesn’t feel either cheap
nor exclusive The upper switch
controls the echo level Left side – no echo Right side – the echo of your life The lower switch controls
the volume level Left side – no volume Right side – maximum level
a.k.a “The volume of your life” And this is the power button that
will enable & disable the microphone The microphone is operated
using a 400 mAh built-in rechargeable battery Charging time takes 1 hour And as for how long
the battery life lasts This is not mentioned anywhere But from what I learned it’s supposed to be
up to 4 hours And to be sure about that I will test it several times and update this information
in the description to this video When charging the mic
the light indicator will show red When the mic is turned on
the light indicator will show blue If the mic is turned on while charging
it will show both blue & red At the bottom of the mic (is) located
a Micro-USB socket that has 2 purposes One is to charge the microphone using a USB to Micro-USB cable that is supplied with the package The second is (to) broadcast from the microphone
to the device you’ll be using it with The microphone is suitable
for PC computers Cameras and even
smartphones & tablets That runs either
Android or iOS operating systems The connection is made using
this 3.5 mm to Micro-USB cable Next to it are 2 auxiliary jacks
that operates as the output for the microphone And you’re supposed to connect them
to either headphones or speakers So to make things clear: If you want to record audio from the microphone
the relevant connection is the Micro-USB to 3.5mm And If you want to hear the audio
that comes out from the microphone For example if you want to hear yourself
while recording Or if you’re playing music
and want to do karaoke Then you will plug headphones or speakers
to the auxiliary jacks And you can connect up to 2 devices
to the auxiliary jacks at the same time So it can be either 2 pairs of speakers 2 pairs of headphones Or 1 pair of each While recording using the mic You will hear yourself
through the auxiliary output And at the same time your voice will be recorded
to the device you’re using with it If the microphone is connected
to both your smartphone and headphones And you play audio on your smartphone Then the audio will come out
of the headphones And you’ll be able to use the microphone
at the same time This option is good for karaoke But when I enabled the audio recorder
on my Samsung Galaxy S5 I couldn’t play audio
and record at the same time Any changes that you’ll make
in the echo or the volume levels Will affect immediately on the recording
and the audio played from the auxiliary After talking so much
let’s make a sound test for this microphone So you will have an impression
about it… So… Here we go… Testing… testing… This is a sound test… Echo… echo… Can you hear me…? Echo… Testing… testing… This is a sound test Testing… testing…
this is a sound test… La La La La La La La La La
(normal setup) La La La La La La La La La
(max. echo level setup) La La La La La La La La La
(max. echo level setup) La … La La La La La… La La La… Thank you! Mucho gracias! Danke schön! Now let’s go to the bottom line: This is a really cool microphone It’s compact and light
so it’s portable And It offers very good audio capabilities
for karaoke and recordings such as basic interviews There are slight disturbances
in the sound But I played with the cables
and managed to solve it So this is probably a problem
with the quality of the connectors The fact that it supports smartphones
is very useful But I think that those with cameras
are the ones that will really appreciate it The only thing I really wish this microphone
could offer and is missing Is a USB connection Because I cant use it like that
with my HP OMEN laptop That unfortunately cant recognize it
cause it’s missing a microphone jack Well boys and girls This was my video review about
the SIBORIE MC-919A USB microphone For further information about this item Please check the description to the video And if you still have any questions about it Please comment on this video And I will do my best
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What is the frequency response? Will the unit work with Samsung Note 8 in video mode? Does the wifi have to be turned off to avoid static/popping/hissing noise?

The frequency response is the ability
of the microphone to reproduce the sounds it intercepts in units called cps (old for cycles per second) now known in units called hertz. So 40 – 20,000 Hz would reproduce bass the low side or frequency to a high greater than normal hearing which is considerably less. This insures the quality of sound.

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