IT CHAPTER TWO – Final Trailer [HD]

♪♪♪Something happens to you
when you leave this town.
The farther away
the hazier it all gets.
But me…I never left.I remember all of it.Help me! Help me! [Laughing] To the losers. We made an oath.Swear?If it isn’t dead…if it ever comes back…we’ll come back too.We didn’t stop it. Pennywise.The clown.[Laughing]We can’t let it happen again.Hello? Kid? -Hello?
-Kid! Ahh! [Laughing]Hello.Please. [Laughing] [Screaming]For 27 years…♪♪♪I dreamt of you.I craved you.I’ve missed you!We need to finish it.For good.I’ve seen all of us die.It consumes us
from the inside…
until we don’t have
a choice anymore. You lied… and I died! You lied… and I died! [Laughing]


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Una película con algunas escenas fuertes. Muy larga, cada vez que quería que terminara se ponía peor o pasaba algo más.

IT Chapter 2 was a fantastic movie and wasn't as great as the first IT Chapter One, but it was still a badass film. It chapter one and chapter two were one of the best horror films as all time. Who cares about what "Rotten Tomatoes" has to say about IT Chapter: 2. I'm almost 36 years old and both movies gave me nightmares.

IT Chapter 2 Positives and Negatives:
Postitives: Bill Hader, Bill Skarsgard, The Losers Club Reunite, The Cinematography
Negatives: Nine year old girls writing more Pennywise smuts

Little girl: My death was the saddest because Pennywise faked being meh friend.

Little Boy, No my death was the saddest because I died right in front of Bill, And he got mad.

Georgie: Amateurs

Question: over how much time does this movie take place, in the movie itself? What's the time span of the story? Seems like it could only be two or three days? Thanks a lot!

The little girl getting killed under the bleachers and the boy getting killed in the mirrors was too much, this movie is way more disturbing than the first one 😂

Literally the funniest and most chaotic horror movie I’ve ever seen, it’s the best and worst thing I’ve ever seen, it’s literally the original IT but on steroids, if u don’t agree with this comment u clearly didn’t watch the movie

I'd be interested to see how Bill Skarsgard would play the Joker. If anyone has the potential to rival Heath Ledger's outstanding portrayal, it would be Bill.


I was wondering why in all of the trailers I saw know Stanley…

Now I know he was just taking a bath that whole time😬

I've dreamt of you
I've craved you
I've missed you

What I say when I see a slice of pizza.

I'm fat as frick

I thought they would do chapter two only for the money and using the same child actors to make them famous, but i was wrong. Good one

This is the best trailer for it I’ve actually ever seen now I’m jealous I can’t watch it because I’m only 13

lmao @ there actually being news letters covering how pennywise is "homophobic"
i feel bad for him, ages devouring kids to get that evil clown rep and suddenly all u are is a hater to the gays

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