Improve ANY Lavalier Microphone: Mount (and Hide) for the BEST Audio!


Great Video and Smart tip. Would you like to help this Catalan journalist saying model and brand of that tape, please?

Great video! Do you think this method would still be ok for purple panda lapel? I have just ordered one and hoping it will be ok to do it.. I think it's bigger than the one you are using..

I never.. ever.. leave comments, but I am such a fan! Great content! I am excited to start creating content for my coaching practice. Thanks for your hacks! <3

I love how you are so down to earth – don't need to buy anything but duct take and a BOYA Lavalier mic. Use lights from around the house or office. This is all super helpful as I embark on my first self produced video. Fantastic advice on how to reduce rustling noise which is unprofessional and annoying.

It is 2018 and using one of your video guides, I was able to get a BOYA BY-M1 lav. Thanks. Just want to find out
1. if I need to remove the clip on the mic to achieve the guide in this tutorial.
2. what other alternatives are available apart from duct tape.
Thanks for your response

I highly recommend using gaffers tape instead of duct tape. Gaffers tape does not leave sickum/residue behind, like duct tape does.

Do you think it would record an upstairs neighbor banging, jumping, and slamming things on the floor screaming things like, "Dat nigga ain' gone neva git no sleep!"? My Asus laptop nor my cellphone records them. Tonight when I got back from work they turned their music up super loud and it sounded like several people jumping and banging. Nothing but air, tapping, and the heat came up. However, that was far from what I could only hear. Have ear plugs now, yet keep jumping because they bang and pound to try and surprise me out of my sleep all night. They don't really sleep during the day either. These are drug people and two other apartments fool of people that don't have to work gather up there to terrorize me. It is so insane that people can have apartments full of people that don't even have to work for food, lights, having children, and housing. This single mother has had about a dozen and a half different drug dealers living with her blocking the hall and front smoke pot and something else that makes me feel sick. The stuff they use has to be strong because they don't chill.

I do have BOYA BY-M1 and I follow all the instructions how to attach and hide it, I tried even to put it upside down, but still there is too much noise and it also makes a loud sound on every single world I say (the pitch makes you feel pain πŸ˜€ ). I do have awesome video content ideas and I want to share them, but the audio is awful. What can I do to improve the microphone?

I don't get it. I have watched 3 different videos now that all show this technique. I have used gaffers, duct, and first aid tape. The mic transmits the noise of the tape's adhesive sticking and unsticking when standing still. Any movement results in scratching along with the sound of tape sticking and unsticking. What magic tape are you all using?

My friend. I had a major issue during a wedding video with window noise- even with a windscreen. Saw your video, tried it at an outdoor ceremony with high gusts of wind. The result: Practically a FLAWLESS audio performance!!! Even the officiant was floored on how clear she sounded. THANK YOU. you have a new fan.

Great tip right there mate. However, after recording a video using your technic how to peel it off me chest as I have a hairy one πŸ˜•

Thanks so much for your channel and your great help about all things technical. I appreciate it so much and I'm happy to announce I'm going to launch on June 27th. I have been using the boy a microphone a very pleased with that I'm using your little triangle method of holding the mic that's great but I need some help because I don't know how to keep it from getting tangled all the time there must be something hack that can be used that you still can have access to the length of the cord get wind is unwind it quickly as you're using it cuz I'm for ever having to untangle it and tripping over it your help would be appreciated. Thanks so much

Ok, 2nd video of yours that I watched..subbing now Although you explained this well I would have liked to see a close up shot of mic between tape..learned a great lesson, thanks

I am definitely trying this, I have always hated these types of mics because of the noise I would pickup from my clothes moving around.


Thank youuu! I think I've see this video before, but needed to come back to it. I have the BOYA M1 as well. I'll try using your trip to keep the mic from moving around. Thank you so much. This was helpful.

Great Video Justin! What would you use to mic a BJJ black belt giving instruction during a seminar? A boom operator and shotgun isnt an option due to an audience. Wireless is a challenge too as Ive had a transmitter crushed when the instructor laid on his back.

Thanks so much for your consistently helpful content!
Will this work for fitness type videos outdoors? I battle clothing sounds and wind noise. I have been using a headset mic, but I don't always like the look of it, but it is better than the rustling of clothes.
Thanks so much!

Great tips! Never noticed your mic and now know why. Wonder if Topstick toupee tape would work in this instance. I saw it years ago in a tips and trips article of a women's magazine and have been using this tape reliably to keep low cut blouses from gaping open. You can tape it to skin or undergarments and it sticks well yet removable. Might cut down on the duct tape origami which scares me tbh as duct tape is such a PIA to work with.

So it works fine for a T-shirt but what if you have layered clothing like a shirt and then a blazer jacket over it where would you stick the microphone? Thank you!

NO SUCCESS AT ALL! I tried this a couple of times. With my original lapel mic, and then even went and bought the one you recommended. It seems to pick up a heap of background noise from when my shirt is moving. Does this only work if the presenter remains perfectly still? What am I doing wrong?

this is amazing
how long do lav mics work before they die? do you have to keep buying a new one each month?

Justin, I cannot tell you just how much I have appreciated this tip. I mentioned this in a live chat you had a bit ago, but I have used this method on all my videos for the last year + with a simple Boya lav mic, iPhone and the AVR Pro app and have never had bad audio on my videos. Thank again for this awesome tip. All the best!

Nice!! I just started using my iPhone & iPad for filming videos for my channel & the sound can be low….. now I know what I need to do. Thank you for making this video.

Justin, I need help getting the iPhone XS to work with a boya lavalier mic, and or a Rode Mic that plugs right into the phone? There is no sound on playback when I try to playback a test on audio recorded. The instructions on both say there’s nothing to do other than plug it in and the phone automatically uses that mic for video or voice record… I am a complete beginner so I am not sure if I am supposed to do something to make the external microphone work. I am trying to learn all about making videos and your videos are so awesome! I appreciate the things I have learned from your channel. Thanks so much! Jen Vanasse

I know this is an older video, but we are a new channel and just used this technique on our last video about no car ownership and it made a huge difference for us, so just wanted to say thank you Justin for this tutorial.

Hi Justin! I'm a hair extension stylist in San Diego California. I make videos for my clients on my YouTube channel. Will this microphone eliminate background echo when filming in bathroom ? Thanks so much I'm a subscriber, love you channel!

Super tips as usual Justin. I have been using the Boya mic your previously recommended in another video (great mic!) and now I have a better way to hide it too!
Cheers and thanks from MontrΓ©al πŸ™‚

Hi Justin, I'm using a Rode microfone. Is there an audio app you can recommend to hear the audio (with SC6 adapter) while filming with android?

Will definitely try this next time I am doing a video where I talk to the camera. We are not short of ducktape. Thanks for sharing.

Hey, guys! Great work so far! Loving your content. However, your guide says Too Many Requests
– The user has sent too many requests in a given amount of time. You might think about upgrading your website hosting. And don't worry about it, it's a good problem to have, it means lots of people are enjoying it and want to get your content, so keep up the great work!

Justin hi, take a lot of your advice and a member. my atr3350is mic worked one day then nothing, so trying to get the wire replaced, as it is flimsy, as most are, and a tiny break will render it useless. I now have 2 more lavellier mics, and find i get a faint rhythmic clicking throughout the recording. i use an iphone 6splus. Any ideas what it is and how to stop it. many thanks in advance

Justin hi, just to say this tip was fantastic. I was going to the beach that day to record a series of clips for my website and youtube channel. The beach I chose is windy to say the least. I've tried double covers, but nada. I did this you showed, and recorded 3 hours and all recordings really clear, no wind ! waves in the background of course, but this simple tip, is genius, I'll be doing it all the time. thanks

Can I ask a quick question. I do Pilates videos so moving lots think this will really help, but find distortion when I lie on my front doing an exercise, will this method help?

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