Image Playback on Canon EOS 40D : Canon EOS 40D: Accessing Images

Okay, image playback on the 40D is something
that you will want to do maybe at the end of the day, maybe right after you’ve took
a shot. But it’s basically going to an image to see what it looks like after you’ve taken
it. It will be stored on your memory card, and the best way to get to these images is
by pressing the playback button on the bottom of you LCD screen. There’s a blue arrow pointing
to the right with a blue square around it, and there’s a button, it the furthest button
to the right on the bottom of the back or your camera. Go ahead and push that button,
and this will be, if I scroll to the right, let’s see, if I scroll to the right I’m going
to start with the very first image that I’ve taken. If I scroll to the left, I’m going
to be shown the last image that was taken on my camera. So what I can do is scroll through
these to see all the different images that I’ve taken all throughout the day. And there
are various kinds of views and displays that you can scroll through with this info button
on the bottom of your screen, if you keep pressing it you can get information about
levels and the settings that were present when the shot was took. Such as aperture and
shutter speed, and all that, you can get color level readings and histogram information.
All that information is available in the playback settings. You can also zoom in and out to
see multiple pictures at the same time or zoom in to a picture to get a better look
at focus. And those zoom and zoom out buttons are up here on the right side of the body.
It’s a magnifying glass with a plus in it and a magnifying glass with a minus in it.
Those can be used as well. So this is your playback option, we’re going to go through
and see what other options are available in the playback settings.

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