Ice Cream on ‘The Masked Singer’ Clues and Guesses 9/25/2019

Photo Credit: Michael Becker © 2019 FOX MEDIA LLC.  The Masked Singer returns with season 2 and 16 new celebrities singing in disguises Throughout the season, masked stars in elaborate costumes will take on characters and sing for the votes of four celebrity judges and a studio audience Whoever gets the least amount of votes each week will be eliminated and unmasked, revealing their true identity  For more information on who the character Ice Cream was revealed to be on the premiere, read on below for the spoilers from the premiere episode of the season Ice Cream “Masked Singer” Revealed   For his set, he performed “Old Town Road” and did a great job He didn’t appear to be a trained singer but was pretty good.  Judge Nicole Scherzinger said she loved the performance and Robin Thicke said it took a ton of grit to perform that song Jenny McCarthy was guessing some kind of YouTuber, while Ken Jeong was guessing a gamer One guess could be twitch gamer Ninja, right? A fan of Ninja told us that Ice Cream did a move that “only Ninja does”, called “pon-pon”  Some of the audience members threw out Marshmello as a guess. For his performance, Ice Cream went up against Tree but lost the face-off, which meant he had to go up against Ladybug to stay in the competition In the smackdown against Ladybug, Ice Cream performed “Whip It” by Devo and he had a fun and energetic performance The judges started to guess that Rob Dyrdek from MTV was the masked singer. Ladybug fired back with a short performance of “Hit Me With Your Best Shot”  Ladybug ended up winning the smackdown, which meant that Ice Cream lost and he was unmasked So, who was Ice Cream? It was Ninja!Ice Cream “Masked Singer” Clues  Ice Cream is tall and thin He said that he chose Ice Cream because every day for him is “a cheat day”. He said that growing up, he got a lot of heat for doing what he loved, but he says he turned his passion into his dream He appeared to have a ton of money and said he is good at “succeeding expectations”  Ahead of the premiere, Ice Cream revealed some clues on a sneak peek episode. Ice Cream has the heaviest mask of all the cast members this season and one of the clues this character gave was that they live for “half of February” February 14 was also highlighted on a calendar, according to TV Line. Also, according to Good Housekeeping, a major clue that Ice Cream gave was, “One reason to retire as a professional football player in your prime? To pursue your music career on #TheMaskedSinger … if you’re lucky ” So, it sounds like Ice Cream could be a retired NFL player, if he isn’t a gamer or YouTuber  Prior to the start of the new season, host Nick Cannon talked to The Hollywood Reporter about why he thinks the show is such a hit He said, “Internationally, I think people were taking huge chances on shows like this But in America, we got stuck with the pretty mundane, run-of-the-mill singing competition shows The fact that this one had some spectacular and zany component, it was actually able to really break through ”

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