I had a crush on him [I Wanna Hear Your Song / ENG]

Yiyoung. To tell you the truth, there’s something I haven’t been able to tell you. Tell me? What is it? Do you remember this diary? It was in your bag on the day of the accident. You said you threw this away. I kept it. Why didn’t you tell me? This isn’t a big deal. There was a reason you couldn’t tell me, wasn’t there? Actually, I already knew Youn before the accident. I couldn’t tell you. I didn’t think you should know. His brother died due to that accident. I strived to hide it from you because I knew you’d suffer. I’m completely lost right now. You hid it from me because you knew I’d suffer? What is this? Why is a photo of Youn in here? This one looks good. This man. Who? Isn’t he Jang Dohoon? How do you know my older brother? “Brother”? He’s your brother? Yes. He’s my brother. He was a professor’s assistant back in college, and I had a crush on him. You liked my brother? It was just a crush. He suddenly disappeared, so I was curious. Where is he right now? He’s not here. He’s studying in the US. Really? Good for him. This is special. Can you give me this photo? Sure. Thanks. (Jang Dohoon) (Jang Dohoon) I heard he’s leaving for the US today. What? Yiyoung!


Writer nim is trying to make our minds work….guessing, waiting, figuring🙄. The waiting for next episode was a pain🤯🤒

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