How to use your iPhone as a microphone on your Mac (or PC) for recording your voice

Professional microphones for voice
recordings are expensive and investing in one is a good idea if you plan on
using it pretty much every day for high production value content. For the average
user built-in microphones do the job just fine, even if they don’t sound very
good. But I wanted a microphone that sounds better than that and I didn’t
want to buy expensive equipment. I found a great solution and it was in my pocket
the whole time. Here’s what you do. Download this app… put your phone into airplane mode, plug
this thing into the thing, plug the other thing into the other thing, go to
applications utilities and open the app audio MIDI setup then go to window show
iOS device browser and then hit enable. Open the downloaded app on your iPhone
and turn off your screen and you’re good to go.
Your iPhone should now appear as an input device on your system preferences
and any application that records audio like Audacity, Adobe Audition, and
GarageBand. The audio sounds pretty good although you might add a bit of noise
reduction, compression, and EQ to polish it up a bit.
Tips. Since the mic doesn’t have a pop filter, you might put a towel or a thin
bit of cloth over top to reduce the noise you get when you pop your “P”
sounds. Also, if you don’t have any acoustic panels to
suppress sound reflection in your recording environment, record in the
middle of a room with the least amount of acoustic reflection as you can like a
large carpeted room. That should be good enough. Make sure you find a place that
has the least amount of noise sources. Turn off fans air filters, air
conditioners, and pretty much any other electronic device that could create
background noise. If you can use a mic stand or even a camera tripod to hold
your iPhone away from the floor or any other acoustically reflective surface.
And don’t forget to record some silence to use later for your noise reduction
processing. Oh, and for PC users, the app outputs microphone audio to the
headphone jack as well, that is, if you have one. GRRRRRR!!! So if you got one of these
cables you can just plug straight into the line-in on your computer and record
from there. Just make sure the volume on your iPhone is at max to get the best
signal. Happy recording! Okay bye.


Thanks so much man this works a treat, even for windows! you just need a double AUX cable instead of the apple usb cable

"plug this thing into the thing, plug the other thing into the other thing"

instructions unclear i got one side of my noodles in my mouth and the other into a man eating xbox controller

I have no idea why it's not working. I have everything set up as you, but my mac doesn't register any sound. It sees the device and it's selected as the input, but no sound comes through at all.

I tried to set this up for a friend, but it said "AVB is not enabled." She's running macOS Sierra version 10.12.3. I tried to follow the instructions here:

But I'm confused at step one, as I'm not sure what device on the left to choose. If it's "USB Ethernet," after I click "Advanced…" then the Hardware tab, like I think they're saying, then select "Manually" for the "Configure" section, there is no AVB/EAV Mode checkbox as the guide states. Any help?

ok, how to use this app with iphone 7 and windows pc ? bcz iphone 7 does not have separate audio jack in it… Plz help

I downloaded the app and followed the instructions showed, but there is no IOS Device Browser on my MIDI Setup

Please somebody help me with connecting my iPhone mic to windows 10 core i3 laptop. It does not show in sound / recording tab in control panel.

how are we suppose to do it on pc bc this is really stressing and i dont have a mac i have a windows 10 so please do a pc version on what u just did

Thank your very very much!
I finally can record my sound on GarageBand(which is installed in my MacBook)using only my iPhone as microphone
I have been searching for this kind app (and tutorial of course)for a long time!!

No need for interface
No need for expensive recording instruments
More importantly ,
No fxcking money needed!
(sorry for getting too excited)

When ever I go into a closet to record (which is a really good place to) my cat thinks I’m dying in there and starts freaking the hell out trying to open the closet door and meowing like a maniac 😂

Right when I heard you say “put this thing in that thing and this thing in that thing” I liked the video and subscribed right away

my device refuses to show up even when i followed the other tutuorial you linked the midi setup jut doesnt show my phone and there is no option to show ios device browser only network browser

The first time I did it my phone was able to enable, but when I do it now my phone won't enable, it just stays with a loading symbol on enable. Help plz!

@electromaniacal what microphone did you use for this ? And what microphone do you advice to use for a pod cast ? I like your sound preferably..

If I plug a lightning cable into my windows 10 pc and then use the app will it come up as a mic becuse I don’t have a headphone jack

Hi great video! Do you think this app could be used to connect two iPhones together? As in, use one iPhone as a microphone whilst you use the other for recording? 🙂

I just tried that and it sounds absolutely craptastic, like a phone call. Very low audio quality. I'm lucky to have a Macbook with standard 3.5mm jack, so I plug in my Ear Pods that came with my iPhone 6, and that mic sounds a heck of a lot better than the audio from using this solution. Just needs a tiny bit of cleaning up in Audacity, and it sounds fantastic. Just my 2c. I have a video on my channel where I used that microphone (title below for shameless plug of my highly inactive, unfocused yet super-nerdy channel). Also, I usually don't record audio because, well, I hate listening to myself. But for that video I thought, at least, I'd give it a shot.

"Nerd POC: Xbox 360 Controller As Secondary PS4 Controller Via Windows 10 Remote Play" <– audio recorded using ear pod microphone and fixed up in Audacity.

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