How to Use XLR Microphone on Android Phone – Connect XLR Mic to Android Devices and Tablets

Android phones don’t have XLR ports but you
can use XLR microphones on an Android with a few adapters. Here’s how. These are two different XLR to 3.5mm adapter
cables. One of them works but the other one doesn’t. The main difference is the 3.5mm plugs. The one on the left is a mono plug and the
right one is a stereo plug. But first, in addition to the XLR cables,
you’ll need this StarTech TRRS adapter that allows audio input into your Android phone. This cable has a 3.5mm plug on one end and
two female ports on the other end. The important thing to notice is that the
plug has 4 silver sections on it. If yours only has three then it’s the wrong
kind of adapter. The other ends allow you to plug in a headphone
and microphone. So in this example I want to plug the mono
XLR adapter cable into the side that has the microphone icon on it. This is the only cable that will work. The stereo cable produces no audio so it won’t
work. When the TRRS plug is inserted into the phone
there’s a headset icon that shows up at the top so you’ll know that the mic is detected. Make sure the mic is connected too and here’s
what the setup looks like. For this test I’m using the voice recorder
app included with the phone. To show you that this works, I’ll record something
from the mic. As you can see, when I tap on the mic you
can see the waveform registering the sound in the window. So if you want to use an XLR microphone with
your Android phone, you’ll need the mono 3.5mm to XLR cable and also the TRRS headphone adapter. If you found this video helpful, please give
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thank you friend.i'll check them out.btw do you know it is a nice karoke software which runs on android phones.try it its marvellous

when in insert xlr cable direct to my lenovo k6 power it shows headphone jack not microphone jack. i used the splitter as u recommended but still my lenovo k6 power donot give sound for recording. help me out!

Thanks for sharing!.

A question, can you monitor the audio input by using some headsets ? so recording with the mic while listening to such recording on real time? I would say that's a very important feature!

I am looking for a mic for street interview using android phone… which mic would u recommended for noisy places compatible with android… plzzz guide

The mono 3.5mm to XLR cable is no longer available on Amazon, and can't seem to find one anywhere else. Can I use a stereo cable, but add a 3.5mm stereo to mono adapter to it?

On your video, you wrote stereo plug to splitter cable doesnt work for iphone (only mono works). Does it mean for android phone, I can use stereo plug to the splitter?

Whenever i Plug my sf-666 microphone it recognizes it as a headphone and i can hear no audio coming from it also i have a LG-K20 Plus pls help

Can you pls advice..I got the TRRS cable with mic n audio female, but for male i am using a sterio 3.5 audio convertor ( from 1/4") input from guiter or mic(beringer xm3500) ..not working at all

I have an adaptor cord and a Neewer mic. It works the first time I plug it in, then it stops recording from the microphone. Or any sound at all. This is the second adaptor cord I've tried. I know the mic works, I tried it on my computer's microphone port.

I am using a Samsung Galaxy S6.

Any ideas?

What if i have a mic with a 3.5 to xlr adapter (2 stripes) attached to it and use with a trrs adapter will that work as well

I can't contain my anger!! Then what's the purpose of the one with two rings on the plug? It said on the packaging that it's meant for phone,laptop and so on

I'm trying this exact setup with an sm57 on a galaxy s7 to no avail. My phone is still recording using the default mic. Any help?

I have a dynamic mic, xlr cable & 6.35mm to 3.5mm jack converter. Tried on both (android & laptop) its not working. Its not even detecting. Will a USB sound card solve the problem? And there 3 sections on the 3.5mm adapter. So I have to change it?

I have a xlr to 3.5 stereo plug. The microphone works as I did a recording but I can’t monitor the audio. Will the mono plug solve this?

I've tried a couple different sets of cables that haven't worked yet. Time to take your word for it (if it's on the internet it's real!) give these a try! Will report back on Wednesday when they're delivered. Thankful for Amazon's easy returns.

I wanted to do this, but I noticed that the mic requires phantom power and doesn't have it built it. Is there any way to add phantom power to a mic that doesn't already have it?

Would this work with a headset like this?

would thay work also with Marantz microphones? I'm thinking about buying one with boom arm to record with better audio on my cellphone.

Hi, I want to connect my microphone (shure sm58 beta) to my Galaxy S6, but at the same time I also want to be able to connect another aux cable to play audio. (I want to record live singing videos , so I need microphone AND a backing track both at the same time) Would this work ? If no, maybe you have a suggestion/solution for that? 🙂 Thank you!

Makes sense that this should but wanted to double check. I wanna live stream my guitar playing on my phone to twitch. If I go from my mixer, though these adapters, into my phone, anything I stream on twich will have the audio coming out my my mixer right?

Hi and thank you for this video!

I used your video to try and connect my MBM 1000 to my Samsung Galaxy 8 but I could not find a XLR female to 3,5 mm Male adapter in the country I live in (swedish websites). So instead I tried using the following setup:

1 XLR cable (male to female) from microphone
1 adapter (XLR male to teleplug 6,3 mm male)
1 adapter (teleplug 6,3 mm female to 3,5 mm male)
1 Startech TRRS adapter

All of these adapters are in mono as you describe in your video. But this setup did not work at all, the phone recognize that this is plugged in but no sound is being registered. Do you know why this setup does not work?

So I could buy an sm57, a little splitter (granted it's the right kind), a xlr to 3.5mm stereo, and mic my guitar cabinet with my phone?

No preamp needed?

I bought the rigged xlr adapter but it only works with audio apps, my camera doesnt detect it. I used it on pixel 2xl and 3xl

Took a big fat L i got all the right stuff but when i go to the voice recorder it doesnt pic nothing upp.and when i talk to the mic nothing happens but when i talk to the phone while adapters are plugged in it picks up my voice

I have a xlr cable to male usb, and a mini usb to female usb obg cable, but its on hold by the mail company for some reason, so I haven't received it. I don't know if that way would work? But I think I'll just buy these cables that you stated in the video just in case..

this didn't work at all for me, got an xrl to 3.5mm mono (two silver sections) and a mic/ audio splitter with 4 sections on the end. Using an LG G5. No signal from my condenser with phantom power or a dynamic mic.

so i bought both cables and plugged it into my galaxy note 8 and there was no recognition at all and I tried the app and it didn't work. Any advice?

Note that the impedance of the mic also matters.

This won't work with my two studio mics. One is a mono 3.5mm plug, the other an XLR, which I adapted with the proper XLR to 3.5mm transformer connector (to match impedance).

The output seems too small to make it work.

My splitter TRRS adapter has an OMTP and CTIA plug (adapter). Neither works, though the CTIA one makes the recorder show the message "external microphone will be used."

Please explain something; the splitter adapter that you used was male TRRS (4 pin) to two female TRS (3 pin), but the cable that you plugged into the female mic jack was mono, and I believe you said that a mic with a TRS (3 pin) plug would produce no audio. What would one do if the microphone cable had a TRS plug? I want to use a TRS plug mic on an iPhone with a lightning adapter. So I am going to plug a lightning to 3.5 mm female adapter into the phone, then a splitter like the one you used into that, and then a TRS mic and headphones into the splitter. Are you saying that won't work?

hello, I have a Rode reporter mic, and I would like to connect it to my phone, I watched the video but Iam not sure how to do it.

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