How To Use An External Microphone On Your iPhone

so you want to use a external microphone with your Apple iPhone but you plug in your microphone and find well wait it didn’t record any audio meaning you’re trying to record that family video uh kids first steps you never know for me personally I found a really nice app for recording audio so if I do like a how-to video or something I can come back later real record or narrow ate my video as I’m watching it and just record it straight to my phone kind of like an old cassette recorder would used to be used for I found just doing it into my computer itself introduced just too many too much background noise or other variables that were harder to control so I thought okay I’ll try one of my lapel microphones it did not work let me show you why if you notice this is a stereo plug you got one two three sets of contacts separated however because the iphone or other I devices only have a single port for both microphones and your ear plugs earphones headphones earbuds your pods whatever your whatever you might have they use a slightly different style plug this is a for plug which incorporates see the difference which incorporates both audio and stereo or excuse me input and output now to be able to use a microphone or external microphone with your iDevice you will need to get an adapter dongle of some sort or use apple’s own branded Mike unfortunately those are relatively expensive compared to getting three of these for four bucks so I have a link to a i have a link where you can purchase one of these this is really inexpensive and if you’re not in a hurry this was shipped to me from hong kong i think it took about two weeks to get at a price of a dollar 25 at the time you can get them even cheaper than that i liked this one you can get it where it’s just microphone only or microphone and earphones I figure what the heck for the extra five cents I will get the one that does both so plug that into the earphone jack their headphone jack output jack whatever you want to call the 3.5 millimeter jack then plug your microphone into the microphone slot and let’s see video production come on recorder I don’t know why I have so many recordings on here let’s see now hit record and of course i just reinstalled my phone so allow access mary had a little lamb stop now if i had external speakers hooked up to it then i could just play it out through there but i have to unplug it to play it and turn the volume up as well all access mary had a little lamb see it works now without the dongle baa baa black sheep absolutely yep pretty much nothing didn’t work great got a little bit at the end there it’s just kind of weird shouldn’t I gotten anything but there you have it give your iDevice a ton of extra functionality for just a buck something if you’re interested this app was called just re recorder and it was free in the App Store of course there’s a as everything’s going now pay to unlock other features and whatnot but I found that works just fine for me Cheers smile cheese


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