How to Solder : Repairing XLR Microphone Cables with Soldering

Hi, this is Jeff Naylor from Mtroniks in Mesa,
Arizona for Expert Village. XLR ends come in two styles. Female and male. Now it?s interesting
to note that the female connection actually inserts into the male one. This is one of
the few times in nature where this is the case. The male does have barbs though, three
of them. First I need to remove the outer case of the XLR connector. This is a switch
craft jack. On these jacks, I actually have two set screws that squeeze the cable tight
and a third set screw that holds the tip in. It slides out the front and we have our connectors.
Now, this is the common way that these three connectors go on. These are three labeled
pins. One, two and three. Pin one will always be your ground. Pin two will always be your
red wire and pin three will be your blue wire. If you do not have red and blue wires, make
sure you use the same pin number for colors on both sides of your cable. Now I’m going
to solder my ground connection to pin one. Come in here and then I got to hold still
while that cools, so that’s done. Now I’m going to go to pin two and come in from the
side with some solder. Now this gets a little hot right now, so it might be nice to use
a pair of pliers to hold this in place. Apply heat, then apply a little solder to that joint
and it wakes it right up. Now that we have all three conductors soldered, all we have
to do is slide the casing on the outside and reassemble it in the exact opposite order
we disassembled it. You can do this for both sides of your mic cable and then we can test
it when we’re done.


Sorry to bother you but I was hoping that you could help me out.
I have just bought a Countryman Isomax headset microphone which has the wrong socket on the cable for my Shure belt pack, The headset has 3 wire's, Black Red and Screen.
I have bought a mini XLR socket to connect to my belt pack and I now need to know how to wire it up and was hoping that you can help me, I have emailed Countryman support twice but have had no reply, Any help you can give would be appreciated.
Kind Regards

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