How To Sing VOWELS

hello everyone I’m John Tracy and
welcome to the Voice Guru ! Thanks to the airflow, the vocal cords vibrate and create a sound. The vowel is not produced by the vocal cords. This is something
that we add up. So first there is the sound production then it’s decoration
which is the color, which in this context are the vowels. The vowels are formed
within the pharynx thanks to the tongue. The position of the tongue will identify
the different vowels. Let’s take for instance a simple sound made on an M. So here the M sound was created and then transformed by adding the AA sound to it In other words all the sounds are
equal but it’s all about what we do with that sound once it is launched. The
passage from one vowel to the other or from one syllable to the other should be
legato. Legato means connected, where every sound is attached to the next one.
There is no interruption between those sounds and the airflow is always
constant. You can practice this fluidity by using the following exercise… and so
forth you can do this on all the vowels So in summary the vowels are colors that
are added to the sound. They are a separate entity but together they form
one voice. If you liked this video subscribe to my channel you can find me
on Instagram, YouTube and Facebook. I’m John Tracy and thank you all for
watching !

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