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Hey guys welcome back again to Ken
Tamplin Vocal Academy where the proof is in the singing. We get a lot of requests and a lot of questions about singing and I just want
to go through a bunch of requests that we have. Now before we get started here
and I’m gonna repeat myself a few times, when I answer these questions. I remember
vividly going through trying to figure out when a vocal coach says just do this
or another vocal coach says do that and they don’t really demonstrate it
themselves and they don’t really prove it out themselves so you’re kind of left
going well gosh you know you told me how to do it or you read it in a textbook or
you read it online somewhere but you’re not physically demonstrating this
for me. Can you please demonstrate what it is that you’re talking about and man
I just spent I know a couple decades of going to some of the world’s greatest
vocal coaches and most of them could not demonstrate what they teach. So that
drove me nuts and in fact it’s what drove me to doing my singing course
called How to Sing Better Than Anyone Else is that I could be very explicit
and very simple and not get bogged down with big technical terms and big fancy
ways of trying to make me look good and pretend that I have all this great
knowledge of the voice or pretend or really have great knowledge of the voice
whatever that means but and then not really be able to explain it to you
clearly succinctly and simply okay. So as I go through some of these questions I’m
gonna you know try to do my best to do just that so you really apprehend this.
Now please also understand that when you ask a question it is multifaceted, there
is a lot to this so it’s not just one answer here, one answer there and not
one-size-fits-all. Or there could be multiple answers or there could also be
a combination of you know you start at this point and then you do this and then
you do this and you do this. So to give you a quick five-minute tutorial or a 5
minute answer is really I want to use the word irresponsible. No one is going
to be able to just get it from one quick tip or a quick answer but at least it’ll
clarify a lot of things for you to really help have you see the vision of
how you can see yourself doing whatever question is that your answering and I’ll
do my best to answer those questions okay. So with that said I’m gonna put
this at the head of a lot of these little or a lot of, not little but big
questions that I have coming in, to really again clarify and just make
simple for you to understand how to do some of the things you guys want to know
okay. So with that said let’s get started. and the next question is how can I sing
on pitch ooof well that’s a good question because the way that you get to pitch
and the reason that people have bad pitch, vary from person to person. It’s
not a one size fits all. How I like to look at pitch myself personally is I
like to see it or think of it like a color or something I know that I I can
go to and go oh that’s that that note okay. Now some people will get out a
tuner and they’ll just sing into to a tuner (sings) and when the tuner goes green they know
they’re an A or G or whatever that note is they’re looking for but the way I
have liked to learn how to teach people how to be on pitch is to have a pitch
reference. So something you can audibly hear arly here and something that and by
the way I don’t mean to be ambiguous and esoteric about how how I look at color
when I see pitch because you have to in chords where you’re singing a note
that’s very difficult to find in a chord like a tetra chord or a poly chord which
is a chord on top of a chord and you’re singing like a jazz thing or something.
Some notes are a lot harder to find than others but in a really basic sense I
like to think okay here’s an A. So you’re going.. right. So it’s kind of like a Cessna
Aircraft you got two engines and one’s going (sings) and as soon as they start
to resonate and they’re clean and the resonance is consistent, you know that
you hit the note okay so (sings) right you have to kind of you know fish
around a little bit and search for that note. Bingo I hit the note right. So I have a
pitch reference and start out by by having identified you know whether it’s on
guitar or whether it’s on piano or you know whatever you have as a pitch
reference, use that and fish around for that note and try (sings) and when you
finally get to that point where you’re able to get to it quicker, you’re not
having to go all over the road to find it. Some people say Ken I’m morbidly deaf I just couldn’t even do that like what you
just did. I don’t even know how to do that. Well that isn’t isn’t true. Have you really tried is the question and have you
actually recorded yourself and listened back to it so that you’re familiarizing
yourself with your own sound and what your voice relationship is to pitch
right. So now let’s do it over over a chord here so . Now there’s different notes in the chord (sings) and you may accidentally land on another
note in the chord and that might resonate like those little engines on
the aircraft because it’s actually in the chord but you really got to start
with what’s called your anchor note or your root note. Right so trying to kind of hone and zero in
on that note (sings) and get a little quicker at it okay. Now as you start to advance a
little farther and then I like I said I cover this in my singing course and I
go through a whole tutorial on how to find this. Is you want to take notes we
just did a thing on how to write a song, how to write a good song and I want to
take you to this chord progression because it’s fun to just take..his chord progression only has one moving note which is you know right and we want to
find that note. Let’s say we want to get that note that’s in the song and it’s
let’s just say the song goes (sings) you’re try to find that note right so. You visualize it going half a step
so you think it’d be like you’re going down a ladder or going down a stair step.
So you know that the first note is (sings) think of yourself only walking down to the
next note. You’re not going down to two stairs or three stairs or four stairs. You’re not going up a stair, you’re just going down a stair so (sings). So all
I did was I walk down three stairs. Yay I got it right okay. So again this is an oversimplification there’s a lot of ways to approach this
but it’s one really strong and powerful way that you can do this on your own is to
try to find.. first find the note resonate with the notes so that you’re in
pitch and then when you’re singing a song or you’re gonna play chords that
have moving parts in them like that. Try to pick off the note in the chord so
that you can sharpen your skills and get to that pitch quicker okay. Hopefully
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Ken you are awesome man! I can sing but, with my age it's going away. I don't smoke or anything. I just need to train it more. Anyways, I have a reaction channel. Please check it out and describe if you like. Thank You!

If someone purchases your course, is there any interaction with you should they have trouble with a certain lesson or technique?

Thats why I love to freesytle, cause you can train it the hole day and you are super happy, if you find out something new, that you can use at at your next session (with or without others). But freestyle I think, trains many more skills, like finding out your own style, what works together etc etc. Video is very helpful!!!! peace

Been on the course just over 12 months, had pitch problems at the start but with the help on the KTVA course my pitch has greatly improved and it just requires a bit of extra work but you can get there.

I sing all the time out loud Ken I'm always on pitch pitch is a big thing when I hear singing if I hear somebody off pitch I shouldn't feel this way but it drives me crazy cause it sounds bad but some people can't sing on pitch but I guess that's the way it is man but I'm big on pitch Ken I love to sing I can hear harmony and when I hear a singer sing a song I listened to what key they sing it in and i know what key it's in when or if I want to sing that song but anyways great video Ken this helps people that don't know pitch

That’s some goodadvice👍🏻 But I’m even more impressed by the guitar, Larrivée is a great brand. I’ve been looking for a yellow electric Kee Marcello type for ages. Had my hands on one that had actually belonged to Kee in a used guitars store in Stockholm 1992 somewhere but I didn’t have the money back then. Been kicking myself ever since.

What happens to me often is that when I listen to myself while singing, the note sounds fine, but when I hear the recording of the same note I can hear that it's lower than how I hear it in my head. And I'm not sure if it's because I'm way out of practice or that maybe I'm just not hearing properly "from the inside", or even if it's some weird characteristic of my voice, I feel like it always sound more "minor" no matter of the actual melody.

Congratulations for your interesting and amazing job, Ken!
I had watched some videos and really liked!
I'm from Brazil and i am thinking to buy your course, but i have a doubt, is in your course some subtitled material? (I'm not a perfect english speaker as you can see, but reading I find better, and I still have some difficulty with specific terms like pitch, tone, because they can have same meaning in portuguese).

Few time you have ? I thing so – indeet ! Pitchsinging ( Pechgesänge ? ) dont no what is ? — maybe some kind in direction of Oriental music ? Sorry Ken the word pitchsinging i canot declay myself ! But ecual you got stuff to do your Job 👍☝️ best wishes of mine to you ! ( pitchsinging ?) 🤔🤔 good night !

I'm training my singer now…I can do what I'd like him to do… baritone voice …this is the video I needed..for him…goes flat easily…so I'm trying to fix…or help fix…your vids are important. .thanx man

Ken, I know you're a guitarist and a damn good one. Don't you find that learning to sing is like learning any other instrument? It's interesting to think that before I started playing guitar many, many, many, many, years ago I was willing to give myself years to learn how to play, but when it came to singing I thought that either you can or you can't, and I couldn't! Tutorials like this one are great to disprove that thought process. Great as always Ken.
Kevin O'Rourke

Awesome video as always brother, just a request, can you demonstrate how to practice onsets like gutturals and labials and how to manage your breathing doing onsets??

The aircraft engine example is very true. My husband is a flight instructor and talks about that concept, tuning the props. I teach students about hearing perfect 5ths on my violin, I detune and then bring them slowly in. ALL students can hear (rather FEEL) when it comes in tune, the vibrations sync up. You don't really hear it, you feel it. When I have a student who can't match pitch vocally I let them sing any pitch that is comfortable for them, then I match it so they can feel how it feels to match with another singer. After that they start to get it. Singing is difficult because it is very personal. I honestly think that the reason vocal coaches don't like to demonstrate is they fear if they mess up they will lose the imagined status of "my vocal coach can sing perfectly every time." No one can. I also have had vocal coaches tell me, "I don't want students to sound like me…" but why not? If you sing well, let them copy. They will find their "own voice" at some point. Voices are very personal, in a good way, NO ONE sounds like anyone else, so I think it is also a fallacy to think students will just copy you like that is "bad." You gotta start somewhere, right? Thanks for these great videos!

Picked up my acoustic for the 1st time in a year but my ring finger has a grape size blister now

"I got blistas on me Fingazzzzz"

Can anyone give me some info. After about 10 minutes maybe of warming up doing scales and triads, something weird always starts happening. I Always focus on proper diaphragmatic breathing, but when my diaphragm gets warmed it, every time I inhale I can feel the diaphragm expanding, but I also hear my guts moving and making weird sound like I was really really hungry. Can someone give me feedback? Thanks!

Lol, 😅 when my kids were young they used to love when I'd sing along to songs, be it by Queen, Aerosmith, Journey, ACDC, Triumph, etc.

When they were teenagers they kept telling me to turn it down! 🙉 They even pitched in together and bought me headphones! 🎧

I don't know if it was my singing or my taste in music? But they didn't think twice about stealing my Rush & Triumph t-shirts though! 😂

Simple, solid, sound, advice/info with PLENTY of descriptive R brain exps.Some alittle nutty BUT?…when tried and tested, THEY WORK! Theres PEEELENTY (too much) info out there for sure but when the cam is rollin and your zonin on auto pilot,thats where the "Magic" comes across that reaches Us. Like tellin a joke… SO MUCH funnier when told by a screwed up, AB normal R brain person…LOLOL

Just read my mind.. for several days I searched for a good tips about singing in the pitch, in the right tone of the certain song because a I've got an acoustic guitar and been practicing to find my voice and the right way to sing… And now I have.. hehehe..
Thank you so much for that..
From Extreme South Brazil here..

So when are you going to tell us the story behind Dimebag Darrel punching you in the face for the album cover of vulgar display of power?

Ok, all this is nice and cool, but it is about pop or rock (English language songs) and that's OK to me, but there's a lot of people from all over the world where the word sing or singing means to do it in specific way 4eg
oriental, ethnic – folk music w/ some beautiful notes and specific rules and stuff.. can you tell us how or something about some of it.. Like this( Arab)or not) guy with Sting, I don't know his name ,from the song Dessert Rose for example or something like that !? (Even reaction is, would be fine ; )

Singing on pitch is one thing I don't have a problem with. However, I like the idea of practicing with a tuner. That is creative. I imagine it would produce really good results.

One day I hope to meet u! Ur really scary how great u are ! U are definately amazing in what u do! Thank u ! For all! I dont watch each video but eventually I plan on catching up! Great stuff! From me, from the Eastern Townships , QC., Canada😇🙏

Ken, I really appreciate these videos because they are super helpful, especially for some of us who can’t afford singing lessons! My whole life I wanted to learn how to sing and thought I was gonna have to put that desire away. But now that I’ve been watching your videos for maybe 2 years now, you’ve really inspired me to not give up because there is a solution to everything. Thank you so much. Also, do you think you can react to Haley Reinhart’s vocals for a video? She’s definitely one of my favorites.

In a lot of cases I am right next to the note not on it. So it’s almost like singing around it. The intervals are fine but I’m not hitting the right notes. But guitar makes more sense to me and I hear the notes better when I’m playing. The other option is for me to have half a dozen beers and crush some Karaoke!! Lol!

I wish I would have stayed with guitar consistently years ago. I can still play though can't imagine what I would sound like today. Can always start anything today though and enjoy it. Thanks for being such a positive and happy time in my day, Ken. Your passion comes through. God's spirit comes through

Hey, Ken. Would you be willing to do a reaction video to my brother's band. They're kind of a bluesy hard rock band called El Camino Burnout. I posted the link below. Thanks.

Can you make a video on "perfect pitch"? It's an interesting concept that I'd like to better understand. Your vocal lessons are great!

What do you think about using a vocalist as a reference? I struggle when using a piano or guitar but I can copy someone’s sung note fairly well

Also, one can reverse this process (nicely presented btw Mr T)
Sing a simple tune then find the notes on the instrument.
Play a chord or note first to give you a reference pitch.

I love the idea of having a pitch colour experience 😇

I ALWAYS go to your videos when I am struggling Ken. I am a 58 year old woman in a pop/rock band and I am pushing my limits to be the best I can be!! My voice isn't as good as it used to be but I am learning to use it effectively!

I haven't sung since 1998, before that I sang quite a lot with a band that I was in. The 411 on that is that I cannot hear pitch the way I used to. I have discovered recently that I am working on it without realizing that I was working on it. I play the euphonium in a concert band and have quite recently started working on my euphonium parts by finding the tune on youtube and rather than playing along with it I have been singing my part from the sheet music. This is a great way to learn to hear your part in your head while playing. An unexpected side effect of this is my pitch is improving.

when my speech therapist says im good to go Im getting your program. Im sold. hands down. and I cant wait to do a little before and after and show ya what hard work and the wisdom of the master (that's you) can do (as if you dont already know, LOL)`. Im non verbal due to tardive dyskinesia but Im gonna punch through…came back from worse and ended up better than ever so this will be no different. for now I wanna ask if you can answer the raging Quora debate regarding the male vocalist with the greatest range ever. I was thinking either you, Glenn Hughes, Ray Gillen or Freddy. Apparently it's Mike Patton???? Eb1 to E7????? PS if I sent you a 30 or 40 second clip. would you have time to offer one nugget of wisdom soI can try and stretch my limits? what would that cost? Cheers…

I find that people who struglle to match a pitch played on an instrument, often finds it much easier when matching the pitch of another voice.

I now have more tolerance for the guys morning chorus in the local mosque. That fella just tuning in to his Mecca voice like I tune into my Dave Menketti. Told my buddy Aqib and he said the morning song was all about resonance. Who knew. Top banana instalment as usual.

First.. I gotta say THANK YOU a 1000 thank yous for your excellent instruction: I got your course about a year and a 1/2 ago.. and a few months back YOU even said ( in response to a YT comment):"keep practicing.. and the progress will continue{paraphrasing}" WELL HOT DAMN if it isn't SO TRUE!! I just sang BetterMan & White Room // in KEY and On Pitch with TONS of power and it was KILLER!! [SING app] What a great feeling. so TY! NOW as far as pitch goes THAT was ALWAYS my biggest concern (ofc gd DIAPH SUPPT, OPEN THRT etc. is important) I ,TOO, would sing a note and think that's perfect to find I'm a tad flat.. I use the pitch apps and that does help give me an idea of what to listen for (in my head) but MOST INTERESTING IS: when I use the techniques YOU prescribe.. good tongue placement good support relaxing, posture etc. reaching correct pitch IS SO MUCH easier!! AWESOME!!!! SO…. Keep on rocking in the free world!!! TY again Ken and KTVA

Hi Ken. Great notes as always. Just elaborating on pitch – what can I do if I have a tendency to be a bit "under"? I think I'm so scared of cracking or wailing, that I'm singing into the notes but not through them. People assure me that I'm not flat but I'm still not happy (I'm super perfectionistic and a little uptight, can you tell?) This is happening most especially on mix belts and head voice stuff.

So, Im 23 and I feel old to start singing. I play som stuffs since always, but i never started anything with my voice. Am I in disadvantaged with this ppl who starts younger?

Hello, Ken,
been following and learning some of best content in your channel,

suprisingly now I got better in singing, I mean i'm starting to hits the note

but damn,
need to learn so much I guess, since I got headache, I mean the real pain in the head after 2 hours jam session.

courtesy of abusing the head voices,

but the good news is,
I'm quite pleased with the progress so far.

Kudos for you Ken,
God Bless you and your family.

Hmm sounds like IBM.( used to work there) 😂. I was told to do more for less. I would ask the manager can you give me the formula. I never got an answer from anyone ❗

Hey Ken really good video as always how come when i sing along to a song in my ears with headphones or on a speaker i feel like i can sing along and stay on pitch but when i try to sing a capella with a track without someone singing along or just a capella without music i cant find the pitch and totally lose all of the rhythm and then i feel abit down as i really want to learn to sing good and do public gigs! Thankyou 🙂

Resonate. Yes. That's what I feel for. It's weird, but I currently have a clogged ear from allergies. Because of that, I hear all kinds of ringing, but when I hear a specific note (and that varies) and it resonates (vibrates) it makes that ringing stop. Driving me insane actually. lol

Given the time of the year, approaching Thanksgiving and Christmas 2019, I would love to get your views on Kenny Loggins singing Celebrate me Home. It's always been a favorite of mine, and his voice is so versatile. Thanks for your consideration!

Extremely Impressive, I totally liked it!, See this New Album 'Monish Jasbird – Death Blow', channel link , if you like to 🙂

Hi Ken! Very helpful tip!

Can you share any pointer to keep singing on beat? There are times i sing ahead or behind the tune 😔

I have been singing for many many years and my number one problem over the years is to be on pitch. I am 50% deaf and it is very difficult for me to "hear" being on pitch. The best thing I ever did was to purchase a pitch correction unit (I got "Voiceworks" by TC Helicon. Over the years it has helped me to know when I am "in the groove". That is why they say getting a pitch correction unit will teach you how to stay on pitch. This is the one thing that has made my vocals "palitable" becaue everyone hates to hear someone singing off key. They may not be able to say it is because you are off pitch but they will know, sense something is not right.

Nice quality on this video! Great job and thanks for the tips! Appreciate it much and YOU ROCK! :)) With respect from Czechia!

Can you make a video talking about the different vocal coaches you trained with and what they teach/what you learned from them

Hey Ken, somebody commented on this video about The Beatles, and that made me think, could you do a cover of John Lennon's Imagine? You have a baritone voice just like Lennon and I feel like that would be really beautiful and cool.

You are amazing before I used hit a note 7/10,but now after 6 hrs of practice of this excersice I can now hit 10/10 times. Thanks ken❤️

Arizona is so far away but this video is praicles to amater singer like me.My kind of music is so different but basic stuff like this is same to all singer's all over the world.Mr.Tamplin thanks you very much.Serbia say hello.Peace and out.Haaa!

I appreciate your approach to singing and the humble pie that comes with it. I used to follow a coach on YT who said things like "before I became a master pf singing" I knew i had to run away

Am Jay from Uganda 🇺🇬 I really like your show it’s so beneficial
How do i know when to change from my chest voice to my head voice please????

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