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Good lord she needs to learn how to sing correctly. All her notes in Twinkle Twinkle Little Star were so closed sounding and her R's were so sharp. I'm 16 and I can see her mistakes that's sad

For the people that saying she can't sing she was purposely not trying to put vibrato on her voice so she could show you guys what are the notes in the song you guys obviously didn't watch the video carefully

I personally think she has helped me. If you who are out there making bad remarks don't like her help make your own you tube video and see what comments you get. Are you even in music class?

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Great exercises! I think it's good to record yourself to make sure you're singing this exercise correctly. You may still be out of tune without knowing it. It's only after listening to my recording that I've realized how much I slide the notes. Sliding is most of the time ugly to hear.

Did anybody else notice that she called it a half-step exercise, but was singing whole steps?  -_-

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You're a really good teacher because you didn't assume that people who listen to this video know anything about singing. Plus you are very pleasant to listen to.

I have always dreamed of being a singer, but I am not very good, unless I'm singing Jazzy/Bossa Nova style songs. I wish I had more lessons with you.

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I can't do how she kind of shakes her voice at the end (the good way) please help! It sounds really pretty but I can't pull it off! 😖😖😭😭😭😨😨😭

How do you get the Vibrato? I sound like a cat caught in a tumble drier. But good singers always have that Vibrato. Are  you just born with it or can you learn it? Maybe I should try to sing songs that are suitable for my vocals, I have been trying to sing Stevie Nicks' songs, but she has a very distinctive vocal, and I can't get the low note on Landslide.

Let me tell you. I used to have a very bad pitch. Then I found a teacher, a very good one, and we were doing thousands of such exercises. I learned how to hit a specific note and can do it easily. But I still sing out of tune most of the time, especially when I don't hear my part. It's just something natural. I can't hear or, better say, feel tonalities, cords, etc. I can remember melody and repeat it, but get easily distracted by other sounds, can't improvise or find a correct note if I don't know it.

well i know i wont be good the first time its because me and my friemd want to become famous singers thats are career

Where is the black girl that's posted on the thumbnail of the damn video??? I thought I was going to hear "her" sing! #PissedMeOffThatQuick #FalseAdvertisment! #ThumbsDOWN!

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I needed to know how to exercise and train my voice without damaging it, maintain a healthy voice, breath control. It has helped me discover how to get the best tone out of my voice while improving my pitch so it sounds full and pure.  I am excited about having a better quality to my voice, better pitch and overall singing ability.

She sounds like the woman from Pete's Dragon…I know it's an old movie but I remembered that character as soon as I heard her start singing. Look up "It's Not Easy" from Pete's Dragon. 😀 I think they sound similar.

what do u call the mmmmm i don't how to explain it but it's like vibrating a letter or your sound (i'm bad at explaining sowweh ;-;)

These excercises are pointless, hitting notes is what makes you stay in tune, not those "la la la" nonsense

You want to take out vibrato on twinkle twinkle liitle star i want to add vibrato coz whenever i sing and think i am singing quiet good and when the vibrato part of the song comes i destroy the whole beauty of the song with my broken bad vibrato

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I think there is far to much concentration on singing the notes and not singing in one's natural key. If I play and try to sing twinkle twinkle little star in the key of "C" it is deep and does not sound or feel natural or good for me. If I transpose the key of the song up to C sharp, ( "C#" ) then it is far more natural and easy for me to sing and I hit the melody notes easyer. For me singing in key has les to do the melody notes and more to do with what key the song is played in. One should bring the key of the music to the natural voice of the peson singing and not try to bring the the voice to the key that a song is being played in, especially if one is a beginner.

Really she waste my time…nothing !!!! first i cannot hear the notes played on the keyboard and second most important she fail to tell us exactly how can i use my voice to sound correct !!!

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