How to Sing Hindustani Vocal Music : Hindustani Voice Training Exercises: Part 1

If you talk, you can sing. You just need to
train your voice and you need to listen very carefully. I am going to give you some basic
exercises called sargam and pulta that will give you a training to make your voice more
flexible to be able to find the notes and move around. We are dealing with the notes
in the scale of Indian music called sa, re, ga, ma, pa , dha, sa and I am going to be
singing these notes in different combinations and then I am going to repeat what I have
sung with just a _____, which is called ____ which is what my girls have taught me to practice
and teach vocal music. We have many scales because there are many ragas so I am going
to first demonstrate a major scale, the level, then a quite minor scale and then a pentatonic.
I keep saying scale but I really mean the scale ____. So the major scale. I want to
say about the voice production we are trying to get like a chest voice with the breathing
coming from your stomach rather than a head voice like in Western music people strive
for. You need to try to make no difference between the voice production, the sound of
your voice between the high notes and the lower notes. So you shouldn’t…Don’t sing
_____. Sing with an open throat as much as possible. Don’t force it out but have it relaxed
but open ____.

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